New streaming channel featuring Johannes Ostermeier

Just read in the german forum that Johannes is going to kickstart his twitch channel with AC/DC tomorrow (Septermber 17th) @ 20:00 CET (1 PM CDT). He plans to do it kind of tutorial style. Pretty sure he will keep an eye on the chat.

I have already subscribed :wink:


This is live now if anyone wants to watch some excellent ACDC play.

Never seen someone do a drop catch while already cradling a ball on the flipper, lol.

Johannes did this a few times in his stream yesterday. Here is one example:


A couple of my favorite moments
Is there a term for that post pass with two balls on the flipper?
Who doesn’t like some casual rolling tap passes during multiball?


whoa that one is pretty sweet!

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Rebuild those flippers home-slice!


It was pretty, but did cause an insta-drain.

Amazing play. Immediately brought this to mind.

And while you’re at it, might want to put a plumb bob in ;-). Should’ve caught a warning or two on some of those those SutterSlams preventing the outlane drains IMHO.
Outstanding skills, thanks for posting the stream link.

If you watch from the beginning, not only is the tilt set reasonable, it is also set to one warning.