New San Francisco Pinball App

I have been using a newer service called Glide Apps ( that makes it easy to create mobile apps/web pages using data in a Google Sheet. It’s pretty cool and easy to use.

I noticed in their most recent newsletter, that they were profiling a San Francisco Pinball Directory that someone created. I am not the creator nor do I know who did, but maybe they are on this forum.

Link to the app:

Mostly, I wanted to let people who are interested in playing pinball in the San Francisco area that this app exists.

I also wanted to recommend Glide as a great tool for creating simple mobile apps. I have used it to create a team app for the little league team I coach and I created a basic one for the Pin-Masters of New England (

I think there is a lot of opportunity to use this tool to create useful ways for league and tournament players to access event information. It could be a great front end to game information/notes, location directories, etc.


does this just pull the info on I use the pinball map app which is great and does the job but not sure what this one is…

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I’m with Gene. Pinball map already lists locations, machines, and pulls event data from the IFPA calender.
What additional functionality does this app offer?

Thanks for sharing, but I think this is just a demonstration app to show how to use Glide App, rather than something intended to be useful to the pinball community. The person who created it works as a developer for Glide App.

Random maps like this can cause big problems. It starts out fine. Someone has the bright idea of making their own pinball map, which is great for a year. New features, app competition, etc.

But then they get bored and start a different hobby, land a new job or get a girlfriend/boyfriend. They forget about their map and stop maintaining it. The old map lurks out there. People find the old map, go to play a machine and find that the bar closed two years ago. Very frustrating.

Better to stick with an established site like (which has something like 200 regional admins and zillions of users), Pinside’s map of pinball locations (updated by all of its many users) or (in Europe).

Looks like this particular app just downloaded data from the Pinside map and is already out of date. Medieval Madness is no longer at Gestalt, for example. Unless the programmer makes it auto-refresh the data when machines are moved (and provides a user-driven updating mechanism which can update the original map app’s data), it’s best to avoid.


Just wanted to chime in and here and thank OP for the post.

My group has been looking for something like this but everything we found cost $$$ and the free version of Glide is exactly what we are looking for at this moment!

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