New Pool Sharks software mod


Pool Sharks
LA-7 patch E586
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8 Ball / 9 Ball game mode selection at start-of-game is fixed at the 9 Ball choice.
The jackpot is reset to 1M at start-of-ball (each ball, each player).
A bug where the slingshots would reduce the jackpot by 995K, fixed.

Why it rocks

A game mode choice is problematic in competition play. In line with flipper codes that are generally prohibited to use.
The 9 Ball mode is fewer shots to make. But to be taken in order.
A cross-games/cross-players increment till collect jackpot is uneven battleground and skewed luck/skill balance.
Bug fix.


Is there a Competition option in the software settings? Does the auto 9 Ball option only apply when Competition is on?


This one is does not feature any adjustment to the changes it features. Unfortunetly.