New Pool Sharks software mod

The patch has been removed.


Is there a Competition option in the software settings? Does the auto 9 Ball option only apply when Competition is on?

This one is does not feature any adjustment to the changes it features. Unfortunetly.

I guess I don’t understand the rules that well yet. Why is letting the players choose 8 ball or 9 ball an issue? I’ve read previous posts and they aren’t making sense to me. Haha

For TDs I can see a free game mode selection like this to be trouble. At least for multi-player games. Who should a player pick? And who. And why should this player be granted this priviledge.

If selection to be chosen is decided by TD, but still up to the players to do, what if some games are started or even playered out on the incorrect mode. What a mess.

Fixed selection it is. But of course the best solution is to have it in the menu. 8 ball, 9 ball or free.

How is it any different than letting a player choose their house in GOT? Sorry I’m missing something here I know. Haha.

Does player one choose 8/9 ball then all players have to play with jay they choose? Or does each player choose their own game?


Okay great thanks.

Given how P1’s choice Makes a decision for ALL players, I would post the required 8/9-ball game required, and treat it like you would starting the game with the correct # of players — if the correct pool game isn’t chosen, any gameplay is invalid and the game will be restarted. (If you don’t have this modified ROM installed)


On the topic of P1 making a choice that affects all players, is it poor form to pick Spanish mode on Family Guy? Because I always do that. Premio Gordo!


Or is it really that big a deal to let P1 choose? Again could be my lack of knowledge on the game.

I kinda like that the player stepping up to Pool Sharks as P1 gets to choose 8 or 9 ball for the group. It throws a wrench in the typical “oh, you’re the high seed so you pick game and go first, you’re next highest so you’ll be going 4th…” situation that inevitably arises during pretty much any matchplay format.

That said, I would expect most better players to pick 9 ball but in league, it seems 8 ball is often a more popular choice.

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Slippery slope. See @Snailman’s example above, and also think about stuff like Tommy Blinder mode in Tommy and Supergame in Dredd. (And co-op mode in TNA!)

Well instead of using a blanket rule about these types of games, you can treat each one separately? Like I think it’s fine to let P1 choose on this while disallowing P1 to start a super game on Dredd.

super game is kind of like an BUY IN