New pinball skills tutorial videos: looking for feedback from high level players



Hey there,

For the upcuming full length Tutorial I decieded to write the whole Script before I launch the crowdfunding. This way alot of pressure goes away and I know exactly what I want and need for the production.
Even if I can’t collect all the money I need, I’m sure that I will somehow make this happen!
The Tutorial will be released in english and german and I guess there will be between 50-70 min of playtime. I also want to include new techniques and classic games if possible.

Anyway, if you could help me out again with language, terminology and technique questions I’d be more than happy :heart_eyes:

First question: How do you call it, if the ball jumps from the inlane transition to the flipper?
ball hop, flipper hop or inlane flipper hop?


Flipper hop, and maybe inlane flipper hop, but that’s a bit clunky.
Never ball hop.


Just flipper hop