New pinball skills tutorial videos: looking for feedback from high level players

I have been working my ass off the past year to create a free youtube series called “Pinball skills in depth”. It`s looking very good so far, but i want to double check the content from a professional player before I release the videos, to provide the best information I can. My goal is to get new people into the hobby and help to discover the beauty of pinball. I also want to connect with you and and learn more about pinball.

The series is similar to Keith`s Pinball 101 DVD- but for free, with new content and divided in 1-3 minute clips on youtube, uncovering: drop catch, live catch, dead bounc, post pass, ski pass, tip pass, micro flips, back flips, aiming and shooting, nudging, slap saves, death saves etc.

If you are interested to help, I would send you a private youtube link before I realease the upcoming clip and you could tell me whats wrong or what could be improved. So far i have 3 clips and more in the pipeline.

Here is a first rough cut of my channal trailer to give you an impression. Please let me know if you are interested.




You’re certainly welcome to create another version of clips on pinball skills. Were you already aware that PAPA/Replay produced video clips of skills and has had them posted on their website for many years? They are very helpful!

So if you plan to move forward, I’d suggest doing so if you feel your videos present the skills in a more compelling or different way. Just my two cents.

Hey Snailman,

thanks for the link. I only knew those videos from youtube, and there is no further Skill information in the description, it only can be found on the homepage which i didn’t knew. Maybe they could include the information, that would help. However I put my whole energy into learning film, audio and post production the past year and won’t stop now. I also think the hard work will be well represented in the series and people will appreciate that. I also have a different idea of how I want to represent skills and how they are connected.
I started playing pinball just 2 years ago and have had no personal help, since here is no sigle arcade in my area. I learned everything from videos home alone and I do think there is a lack of information on certain things which is maybe obvious for you guys, but not for me or newcomers.

I guess this is kind of political too so i apologize if I did something wrong. I do not know how the political situation for associations like PAPA, TPN, or Stern is. Please make sure I do this for the love of pinball and I do not want to take anyones place EDIT: of corse there is some narcissistic satisfaction too :shushing_face:. I mostly have Stern games but that means nothing to me, its just what I know so far, I hope to get older games and other brands in the future too!


Watching your rough cut trailer, the video quality and editing is top notch! I welcome anything you want to put on youtube.


There’s no political situation. I applaud your desire to want to help others. I was merely pointing out that the resource you wanted to provide already existed in one form, to save you the time of a duplicate effort, in case you wanted to spend your time/passion on a different aspect of pinball and helping the community. That is all.

As others mentioned, your production quality looks very good!

For awareness of the tutorials that already exist, @DEADFLIP also made some simple quick-looping animations of the same flipper skills, too, that are also useful. He also expanded upon the ones in the PAPA library to include some on nudging/slap saving.

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Good to hear! I know the Deadflip tutorials, very helpful. Jack also started to make some better quality tutorials, which he unfortunately never released. Maybe you remember the Inlane Shatzes on the black white munsters machine. He told me he will release them but didn’t, that was actually why i started this.

I was looking for some pinball technique and psychology books too, but they seem to be hard to get here in Europe and are quite rare. For example this:


Yoooo yeah my “NEW” tutorials are literally just sitting on my computer at the moment. I haven’t had a free second to myself lately, but they should be going up soon!
But as mentioned, your quality is great and more the merrier always!! :+1::+1::+1:


You never seem to have free time, busy man :grin:
So enough tutorials for the future, exciting :call_me_hand:

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Trailer clip looks great.

Honestly just post some links here to what you want vetted by good players and people will check them out :slight_smile:


I thought about this too, but somehow it didn’t feel right.
Now seeing how nice you guys are, I guess thats the best solution.
I will post the first three videos here next week. Please note there can be missing parts like the intro or titles and the clips are not color corrected yet.


Its hard to find good free music, i hope its not too annoying


I’ve never heard it called the ski pass. I’ve heard ‘inlane transfer’ and 'Bop Over"

We call it Evel Knievel!

Ski jump over here.


You don’t know the infamous ski pass?? :laughing:
I guess i will include the other titles too.
Ski Pass


These are great. And while some people may say it’s been done before, seeing it from another point of view with an explanation is a great way to enhance understanding. Different presentations work better for different audiences.

Keep us informed of new releases!


These are great. I honestly don’t think these first few you’ve posted can get any better. Well done.


I’ve called it the ski jump for years now, after hearing someone else call it that during a stream.

@ABE_FLIPS … these are excellent. Highlighting the ski jump tutorial:

  • really good job emphasizing/showing the upward nudge component of the skill.
  • also like how you showed an attempted and failed version of the skill.



Thanks alot for the feedback, that means so much to me!

@Snailman yeah, i also think the failed attempts are important.