New pinball skills tutorial videos: looking for feedback from high level players

A good idea, maybe I should approach it differently.
I could just explain the standard version and hand-waving over the single/half version. I don’t want to describe every possible scenario and I have not enough knowledge for that anyway.

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Hey there, here is the latest tutorial, but its not official yet.
I hope I presented the techniques well enough for the majority of players. I also learned alot during the production.

Thank you all for your support :heart_eyes: and I hope you like how it turned out.



LOL, great video as usual. Some humo(u)r in this one as well! :joy:

Very useful and hilarious also, awesome job!

Thanks for the work you are putting into these videos!

Thanks for the kind words, I guess I need a littlebit of a break now. :sweat_smile:


Awesome video, @ABE_FLIPS! I love seeing the demo with the playfield removed to show the impact on the tilt bob.

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Hey there,
Does anyone use nudging to decrease the rebound of the ball? I know you can do it on certain left/right bounces like slingshots or maybe deadbounces. Is this technique really reliable?
I find no more information on this online.

I only use this on a couple games, but I have used a move where I pull the game towards me to lessen the bounce of a ball off a rubber to get into a lane I want the ball to go into.

Like the top lanes on Big Game. If I do nothing it bounces too far and goes in the left lane. If I pull back on the game it lands in the middle lane consistently.

Not sure if that’s what you mean.

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Yes thank you, thats what i thought. Its quite rare to nudge with the balls path/force, not against it.


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  1. I’ve done this in particular games with frequent and consistent scoop kickouts directly to one flipper, where I attempt control with a deadbounce, and the “do nothing” deadbounce is too strong (too much bounce), so I’m trying to deaden the level of the bounce for higher % chance of controlled shot on the other flipper.

Not sure if it’s really all that effective. At a minimum, it keeps me actively engaged in the game with my nudging.

  1. You can use timely upward nudging to change the trajectory/impact of slingshots kick on the ball, by either nudging just before, or at-the-moment the ball engages the slingshot coil… depending on the relative position of where the ball hits the slingshot (high or low, effectively relative to where the kicker arm is located vs where the ball hits the hypotenuse of the slingshot triangle). Your goal, each time the slingshot fires and sends your ball horizontally, is to decrease the chance of the ball going to the opposite outlane,
    or to the opposite sling for additional danger of further sling impact from the opposite slingshot. @dbs wrote a great guide on this many years ago, I believe back when he was helping run the FSPA.
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I do this on Monster Bash out of Creature. Out of that scoop on the one I play, it dead passes and bounces up into the right slingshot and fires, but just barely. So, I try and pull the machine back to deaden the momentum of the dead pass.

It’s not always that effective though. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I find it difficult to pull the machine back enough to actually deaden the momentum, but the positive to that is it doesn’t hurt to try as the risk is minimal.

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thanks, thats exactly what I was thinking of. I was also interested on how to manage slingshot nudging, maybe i find that guide from dbs.

@Snailman sometimes I feel like up nudging on the slings helps the ball to shoot up and away- avoiding the outlanes (if the ball hits the hypotenuse on the upper third). For me, trying to reduce the rebound of the sling only would make sense if you could avoid the second contact with the opposite slingshot, because if the ball hits the opposite sling, the ball will work its way back up anyway, with multiple sling rebounds back and forth. So why trying to protract this process instead of trying to give the ball more vertical momentum?
EDIT: you where talking about that skillguide?

That’s the one. See the section on it there. The timing of the nudge changes depending on where the ball is hitting the sling.

This seems like it’s getting into very game dependent territory. Nudging away from the ball might be just the thing on some particular EM with a less bouncy rubber in an area that will often send balls down the middle and you want it on a near flipper versus a far flipper, or something like that anyway.

Here is the part you where talking about and its still not clear to me:

One area of the playfield where nudging is absolutely vital is around the slingshots. A ball that is moving horizontally is much more likely to drain, especially on newer machines. Knowing how to nudge the machine, both when the ball first hits the slingshots and when it leaves them, will greatly decrease the number of outlane drains. Generally, if a ball is going to hit the lower half of a slingshot (i.e. closest to the flippers), nudge forward just as the ball makes contact with the slingshot rubber. If a ball is going to hit the upper half of a slingshot, nudge forward just after the ball ricochets, to force it further up the playfield and away from the outlanes.

The point of contact determines the timing of the nudge:
Upper half = nudge up at the instant of ball contact- to shoot the ball up
Lower half = nudge up slightly after contact- to ???

What are you trying to do with the lower half case here?

I know its hard to describe, since the ball always comes at a different speed or angle :grin:

I’m not sure how to state it any clearer than Dave did.
From your summary, it seems you’ve reversed the timing. It should be:
Upper half = nudge up later, as the ball is leaving the sling - to get the ball higher up the playfield.
Lower half = nudge up earlier, just as the ball begins making contact with the sling - to attempt getting the ball to have less sling action, decreasing its likelihood to “walk” its way up to the higher portion of slings from the back-and-forth sling action.

I did build a little ball guide on the playfield, so that the ball rolls into the slingshot the same way and speed every time and I tried differnt nudging angles and timing.
What I learned from this was that upward nudging is not affecting the ball in any noticable way.
But nudging the machine diagonally against the incoming ball, really helps to shoot the ball more upwards.

I will test this out even more, but I have a strong feeling I wont be able to reproduce what you and dbs are saying.
Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it.

It might be more applicable to older slings that fire slower, and have more give in their sling rubber? Shrug

That totally makes sense :sweat_smile:
I tested it on a Mandalorian Pro.