New mustang strat

Get to 6th gear, play multiball, tilt before multiball ends. Now every ball will start in 6th gear :slight_smile:


uh oh, that sounds like a pretty bad bug!


Now if I could only get to 6th gear. :disappointed:

Yuck…update time!

Yet another homage to CFTBL?


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Actually it doesn’t matter what gear you are in tilting will carry the gear over. If you are not in 6th however you need to hit the gear targets down to light multiball

Interesting. Does it also preserve your N2O state, e.g. if you’ve got 3 of the 4 lit, making a quick 100M shot more likely next ball?

That’s an interesting glitch. How does it work in multiplayer? Does everybody get multiball in that gear or just the person who tilted?

I just passed this info along from a friend as I do not have access to a Mustang.