New live Pinball Stream Sundays 9:00 CST

The Moncla Mafia just last week started a live Twitch channel. Last weeks game was Metallica it was a great success. We will continue to do different games Sunday nights at 9:00 P.M.
Pinball is alive and well in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.
We will also be streaming a random game during our upcoming tourney the “Oil City Open” on Oct.9th as well.

So join our live Twitch stream tonight (Sunday) around 9:00 P.M. Tonights game is AC/DC Premium. :slight_smile: Be sure to say hello in the chat and let’s talk pinball.


If I can coral this bad boy’s ferocious tendency to drain I’ll be employing the Hell’s Bells strategy to take you, Preston and Allen down tonight! :slight_smile:

Wishful thinking on Preston. lol
But that could work on me and Allen.
I will probably start with some Rock N Roll Train backhands into Jam and just go from there.
Will certainly play different songs for variety. Certainly Shoot to thrill, Dirty Deeds and Girls Got Rhythm. :wink:

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enjoyed the broadcast!

So glad you liked it! Sorry I got a little off color when I was giving Allen a hard time. I’m not used to being on center stage to the world. It was all in fun and I hope everyone took it that way. We love to give each other a hard time.

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