New Dr. Dude custom competition ROM

The patch has been removed.

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Fun fact

The rules of the Dr. Dude jackpot are quirky. Goes like this…

The game holds jackpot value for players individually. Plus a global jackpot value.


The player values are initialised with the global value at game start. (*)

The value of current player is reset to 1M when multi-ball ends.

The global value is reset to 1M on jackpot achieved (any player). (*)

This works even when an additional player is added to current game after a jackpot is achieved. All players will start with the same jackpot value.


The jackpot value of current player and the global value are incremented in tandem: 100K per green/red/yellow completed, 500K pre REFLEX completed and 1M at start of multi-ball.

Both maxes at 5M.

Contest game

With Contest game selected the global jackpot value is reset to 5M (**) on game start. Before being passed on to the player values.

The display

The 1 2 3 4 5 jackpot lights indicate current player jackpot value in even millions (not rounded).

On multi-ball end the lights are not adapting to the reset jackpot value. Not until the jackpot is incremented or at start-of-ball. (***)

The 1 2 3 4 5 jackpot lights indicate the global jackpot value at game over state. (****)

Changes in this software patch

** Now 1M.

*** Bug fixed.

**** Global jackpot value is reset at game over as well when Contest game selected.


Notice that contrary to what the manual states, the game is not having a fixed jackpot when Contest game selected. Only the same start value each game.

Also contrary to what some may believe, the game does not have a shared jackpot value between players on same game.

With Contest game selected the Dude-o-meter is player individual as well. And initialised to same start value each game. Factory default is level 3.

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Any chance of a Tourney ROM for Rollergames?

I don’t know if this is common Dr. Dude knowledge, so allow me bring this up.

Neither Jackpot nor Gazillion are subject to the playfield multiplier. That goes for the factory LA-2 ROM and the soft-mod L-3C alike.