new code on Legends of Valhalla

updated code: July 31

add: Added ‘Off’ to options in service menu Features/‘Knocker Usage’. This will disable the knocker
add: GRAND CHAMPION - now awards 3 credits, fires the hammer and knocks 3 times.
add: JUKEBOX option. Available only in FREE PLAY and if enabled in service menu (Features/Jukebox).
- when enabled during ATTRACT MODE hold the left flipper for 5 seconds to start the jukebox.
- to advance a song: press the left flipper button
- to exit JUKEBOX hold the right flipper for 5 seconds or press START
add: JUKEBOX Animation. When enabled in Features/Jukebox Animation, an animation plays during the song.
add: JUKEBOX bonus tracks. 4 bonus music tracks available in JUKEBOX mode only
change: War of the clans scoring option from 150k per shot to 1.5million per shot
change: inlane switches debounce increased from 3ms to 100ms to prevent double hits
change: Escape the Kraken - during mode, pause timer when locking balls in the ship
change: Double scoring - reduce right ramp shots from 7 to 4 for double playfield scoring.
change: Double scoring - right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW when 1 shot is remaining to start double scoring
change: Double scoring - right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW and alternating colors if battle is running or stacked
change: Double scoring - progress toward double scoring is saved and carries over
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring when ship locks are enabled
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for all modes including wizard modes
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for Valkyrie and Thors hammer
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for Valhalla and Ragnarok
change: Double scoring - ship will blink in YELLOW, at 10 seconds blink twice as fast, at 5 seconds blink RED.
change: Double scoring - no longer enable ship locks automatically when starting DOUBLE SCORING
fix: Draugar - using a valkyrie on last shot remaining left orbit or left ramp didn’t complete the battle.
fix: Viking Raid - if valhalla was qualified and waiting, scoop would not register viking raid jackpot
fix: Viking raid - Adjusted Viking Raid logic to qualify second viking raid with > 85 raiders
fix: Fenrir/War lighting at sea stack. Ending War at sea did not restore Fenrir lamps correctly
fix: Tilt on last ball could cause reboot when ship releases balls to the trough
fix: FORCED RESTART - add additional ball reset for trough/ball locks if using this function.
fix: - add additional cancel for Dearg Due timer if using this function.