new code on Legends of Valhalla

updated code: July 31

add: Added ‘Off’ to options in service menu Features/‘Knocker Usage’. This will disable the knocker
add: GRAND CHAMPION - now awards 3 credits, fires the hammer and knocks 3 times.
add: JUKEBOX option. Available only in FREE PLAY and if enabled in service menu (Features/Jukebox).
- when enabled during ATTRACT MODE hold the left flipper for 5 seconds to start the jukebox.
- to advance a song: press the left flipper button
- to exit JUKEBOX hold the right flipper for 5 seconds or press START
add: JUKEBOX Animation. When enabled in Features/Jukebox Animation, an animation plays during the song.
add: JUKEBOX bonus tracks. 4 bonus music tracks available in JUKEBOX mode only
change: War of the clans scoring option from 150k per shot to 1.5million per shot
change: inlane switches debounce increased from 3ms to 100ms to prevent double hits
change: Escape the Kraken - during mode, pause timer when locking balls in the ship
change: Double scoring - reduce right ramp shots from 7 to 4 for double playfield scoring.
change: Double scoring - right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW when 1 shot is remaining to start double scoring
change: Double scoring - right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW and alternating colors if battle is running or stacked
change: Double scoring - progress toward double scoring is saved and carries over
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring when ship locks are enabled
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for all modes including wizard modes
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for Valkyrie and Thors hammer
change: Double scoring - enable double scoring for Valhalla and Ragnarok
change: Double scoring - ship will blink in YELLOW, at 10 seconds blink twice as fast, at 5 seconds blink RED.
change: Double scoring - no longer enable ship locks automatically when starting DOUBLE SCORING
fix: Draugar - using a valkyrie on last shot remaining left orbit or left ramp didn’t complete the battle.
fix: Viking Raid - if valhalla was qualified and waiting, scoop would not register viking raid jackpot
fix: Viking raid - Adjusted Viking Raid logic to qualify second viking raid with > 85 raiders
fix: Fenrir/War lighting at sea stack. Ending War at sea did not restore Fenrir lamps correctly
fix: Tilt on last ball could cause reboot when ship releases balls to the trough
fix: FORCED RESTART - add additional ball reset for trough/ball locks if using this function.
fix: - add additional cancel for Dearg Due timer if using this function.

There is a newer update on Legends of Valhalla

add: Multiball Legend Completion - Add 3 second ball saver/grace period during Victory Laps startup
add: Mystery Award - Award 7.5 million if valkyrie is awarded and player has a valkyrie
add: Valhalla - intro lightshow and effects
add: Extra Ball points award (10 million or 20 with 2X) when max number of extra balls has exceeded
add: Service menu - additional sounds
add: service menu - Features\Battles Played to Light Special: (10-15) default = 12
add: service menu - Features\Special Award Type (Free Game, Extra Ball, Points) default = Free Game
- when battles played = Battles Played to Light Special set in service menu, Right shooter lane SPECIAL IS LIT
- Direct rollover of the Right Shooterlane awards the lit special (not simply plunging on the next ball)
- Award for the special is set in service mode. Coinplay ‘Free Game’ awards replay.
- Extra Ball adheres to the Maximum extra balls setting in service menu.
- Points setting (and max extra balls) award 25 million points also subject to 2X doubler
add: service menu - Berzerker Defenses for Extra Ball (default 5 range 3 - 8)
add: service menu - Berzerker Attack Feature (default = disabled)
Berzerker Attack
- enable in service menu Features\Berzerker Attack (default=disabled)
- adjust difficulty level in service menu Features\Berzerker Defenses for Extra Ball’ (3-8)
- adjust Maximum extra balls (default 1 range 0-6)
- when enabled berzerker rises during the 16 legend battles at a random time
- you have 15 seconds to hit the berzerker when visible to add a berzerker hit
- score Berzerker Attack hits during battles to award an EXTRA BALL
- Berzerker attack is reset after every Berzerker Attack extra ball so multiple EXTRA BALLS are possible in a single game
- Instant Info - Berzerker attack hits remaining and extra ball stats added
- Berzerker attack timer is paused during war at sea/viking mb startup and scoop hits
add: extra ball is lit graphic
change: Maximum extra balls - service menu Standard option increased to 6. Default = 1.
change: Instant Info - “Renamed Qualities of a Viking” to “Conquest”
change: service mode - prevent accidental service credits when exiting service menu with multiple presses
change: ship ball lock - when a ball is locked in the ship, new ball served to shooter lane will autoplunge
change: Shield of the gods - decrease the delay lighting the outlane save after hitting blood/rage
fix: 2 balls entering the ship at the same time will now be detected
fix: Leanan Sidhe - If battle timers are off and no shots are made clear ramp messages at end
fix: Balder/War at sea stack - spinner insert would stay lit after awarding under certain condition
fix: Leanan Sidhe/Viking MB - return to phase 1 Leanan Sidhe when draining to 1 ball if no progress was made on Leanan Sidhe
fix: Thor - green scoop light was lit when beginning Thor
fix: Mystery Award - Double scoring was added to the score but not the LCD display mystery award
fix: Grendel - enable lit orbit arrows for final shot direction
fix: Grendel - enable left orbit for final shot. previously only right orbit was enabled
fix: Escape the Kraken - Prevent Escape the Kraken from running during Victory Laps
fix: Ragnarok - Tilt during Ragnarok prevented next battle completion
fix: Instant Info - last page replay award score wasn’t displaying in free play
fix: Victory laps - Grendel/Viking MB stack, reset locks when completed

Extra ball possibilities:

  1. Awarded for Special Lit (if special award = extra ball in service menu)
  2. Awarded for a high score replay (if replay award = extra ball in service menu)
  3. Awarded at the scoop for 4 Battles played
  4. Awarded at the scoop for playing Escape the Kraken
  5. Awarded for Berzerker Attack during the 16 battles (user settings in service menu)
  6. Awarded for Mystery Award Special (if special award = extra ball in service menu