Naughty and Nice pinball tournament

We are having a non-IFPA pinball tournament for the end of our season. Someone suggested the idea of a hat full of game modifers, some highly beneficial, some a penalty that you have to draw from.

I think I am going to go with this idea, but modified to handicap a bit. Each player will draw a random number, or maybe roll a d20 and their naughty rate will be determined by league finish. Then split the naught and nice modifiers into 2 hats. So if you finish 1st in the league, maybe you have a 19/20 chance of a naughty modifier and the last place finisher has a 1/20 chance of a naughty modifier.

I am looking for suggestions for advantageous, easily implemented positive modifiers and still fun negative multipliers.

I think examples would be

  • Extra ball
  • Free ball 1 mulligan (you play as player 1, but you can restart if you are not happy)
  • [N] play one handed
  • [N] you must plunge off (no flips) ball 1.

I will look through the critical hit cards for inspiration, but other ideas are more than welcome.


Other options are:

Varied ball save times, either electronic or manually implemented [just give them another ball]. Could have 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

Various maximum ball times, e.g. 2, 3 or 5 minute max.

Tommy mode - - cover varying portions of the playfield; could be either top / bottom or left / right orientation, too, or maybe just cover up wherever the Jackpot shot is.

Require cross-handed play for one or more balls.

Or one handed play :slight_smile:

Swap positions with the leader between Ball 1 and Ball 2 (Nice for the player with the card, but does have a negative affect on the player that it’s being used against)

Copy Score between Ball 1 and Ball 2 - You’ll get the same score as whoever is in First after Ball 1, and you’ll just have to manually note the score.

Double Your Score - Full game score multiplied by 2x (could be used with other varying multipliers (1.25x,1.5x,2x,3x,4x)

The “plunge off” rule can be used on various different balls (1,2,3,Extra Balls)

Halve Your Score - Full game score multiplied by 0.5x (could be used with other varying multipliers (0.25x,0.5x,0.75x)

You could get a pair of boxing gloves, and you’re required to play one or more balls with the boxing gloves on.

Tilt Ends Game -> If that player tilts on any ball, their game is over and they have to plunge off any remaining balls

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Not allowing a player to shoot a certain shot(s) on a game that are easy to notice from an observer (something that would “stall” the ball).