Nationals first round pairings

Here’s the initial seeding for Nationals . . . Connecticut, New Hampshire and Ohio are the only three states that won’t be represented:

1 Zach Sharpe (IL)
2 Kevin Birrell (OR)
3 Trent Augenstein (SC)
4 Cryss Stephens (PA)
5 Sean Grant (NY)
6 Adam Becker (ON)
7 Colin MacAlpine (TX)
8 Levi Nayman (NC)
9 Kevin Stone (VA)
10 Donavan Stepp (CO)
11 Chris Chinn (WA)
12 Tim Hansen (CA)
13 Fred Richardson (MN)
14 Brian Shepherd (KY)
15 Justin Day (MD)
16 Chris Basler (MO)
17 Aaron Metz (WV)
18 Will McKinney (AZ)
19 Derek Thomson (AB)
20 Adam Peacock (MI)
21 David Daluga (WI)
22 Steve Daniels (VT)
23 Adam Kiesler (QC)
24 Eric Stone (FL)
25 Derek Miazga (GA)
26 Timothy Street (AL)
27 Jody Reilhan (BC)
28 Fil Baird (DC)
29 Preston Moncla (LA)
30 Mitch Curtis (MA)
31 Tommy Skinner (IN)
32 Brett Emerson (OK)
33 Jason Zahler (NJ)
34 David Ziegler (KS)
35 Ed Giardina (RI)
36 Sean Stewart (NV)
37 Jason Provencher (ME)
38 Andrew Harper (NS)
39 Dan Cubit (IA)
40 Ryan Watson (SK)
41 Aviana Smith (ID)
42 Mike Lund (UT)
43 Garrison Garza (NE)
44 Dan Stephney (ND)

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who is going to put that up in a bracket? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No Oregon, either?

@KCB won Oregon

That’s what I get typing in the states from attempted memory. Fixed!

Ohio not being represented, yet two Ohio residents are attending. Fair enough :slight_smile:

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How does state representation work? If #1 not going, does #2 get an invite?

yes…it doesn’t go lower than second though

Does this look correct?

Let me know if any changes are needed.

If I vacation in Alaska ever, can I run a state finals there?

As long as you run at least two qualifying tournaments to feed the SCS standings . . . yep! :slight_smile:

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Are there really no available states that are closer?

North Dakota should be Red :slight_smile:

(They had a giant tie at 0.00 WPPR’s for their state standings because they didn’t actually have any rated players yet)


I saw you write this before but I truly thought you were kidding. :frowning:
That’s awesome that ND is in the SCS. I don’t have time to update the map right now, but everybody can just take a marker to their screen…

I didn’t even realize it until the State Rep was like, “Soooo . . . how do we seed our players for the State Championship tourney?”

I was like “Ummmm . . . nobody is here to take you call, please leave a message.”


Why not continue to fill empty spots with beyond top 2 of the state tournament? Seems like you could create a more predictable bracket structure.

We don’t want to degrade the meaningfulness of the State Championship tournament itself.

If out of the 16 players only 3 could attend Nationals, you’re talking about it being just a fight among those 3 players that could make the trip. Instead we want those 3 players to have to EARN the right to represent by at least making their State final match.


Spoken like a true third place finisher :wink:

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Third place championship of the world winner!