Mystic math puzzle

We’re picking up a Bally Mystic for my pinball clubhouse this weekend.

Take a look at the playfield:

My understanding is that you get 9K in bonus for every 3-in-a-row of the same symbol on the center grid. It’s relatively easy to imagine getting 1 (9K), 2 (18K), 3 (27K), 4 (36K), 5 (45K), 6 (54K), or 8 (72K). Can anyone explain how getting 63K (7 3-in-a-rows) would be possible?

I’ll be slightly disappointed if I’m simply misunderstanding the bonus scoring system.

I’ll be a bit more disappointed if my understanding is correct, but someone (@bowen?) steps in quickly and explains how 7 3-in-a-rows can happen.

Anyone care to take a crack at this one?

EDIT: My understanding about the game was that each square in the center grid could only have one lit symbol. If that’s not true, lemme know and we can all just ignore this puzzle. :slight_smile:

By enabling the grid to reset ball to ball but the “super bonus” to carry over. What do I win? :wink:


You win this:


I didn’t know this game had super bonus. Wouldn’t the super bonus only be 63 and 72? So I think the question remains as to whether it’s possible to light the 63 insert, and now I’m really starting to think it’s not.

Super Bonus on Mystic is the 9-18-27 countoff. So, you could get 3 lines on ball 1 and 4 lines on a reset ball 2, and whoomp, 63.

This is extremely possible, since 3-in-a-row locks in. Make the left column X and the right two columns O and you fill the grid with 3 completions. On the next ball, the grid resets but the 27 will still be lit; do whatever to get 4 more completions. 63.

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Can you explain this a bit further? Thanks!

Once you light any three in a row, you get the next light in the number grid. You don’t loose that bonus for the entire game - Super Bonus. It’ll be obvious when you start playing.

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Yup. All the numbers under the grid are Super Bonus. The pictures threw me off because the 63 and 72 are bigger, which I took incorrectly to be code for “these are the ones that hold over”.

We’ve had it at the clubhouse for a few days, and it’s as advertised: tough and fun.

One question I might be able to figure out by reading the rule card but haven’t yet: Is max bonus 288,000? (72,000 x 4)
Or maybe you can get 24,000 more by having 8 lights on the grid.
Or maybe there’s a way to get more.

It is possible to have 72k and the whole board filled @ 3k/ea. all that x4 = 396,000. Call that the wizard mode. :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure once you fill the board again it awards a special or 2

If you fill the board completely with the same symbol you get a couple of specials and it clears the board, but if after that you fill the board with differing symbols, you keep the 72k and get bonus for a fully lit (but not matched) board as well.

Nothing to do with math or puzzles, but I think it’s cool and don’t have anywhere else to add it.

In attract mode, the grid lights up to spell B A L L Y.

Oh wow, never noticed that. Just assumed it was random. Very cool!