My newest pinball zine Pin Headz #7 July was released today! Free digital copy!

I am also offering subscriptions now for $1-2/mo details in this issue and on Facebook.

The zine is focused on Cincinnati, but would appeal to any pin head. There are no ads. The only revenue has been the few recent subscriptions. I started this in January of this year. First 3 were only distributed physically locally/regionally. But since the pandemic hit I started offering them digitally and subscriptions. Pin Headz also runs two monthly trivia games. One is Pinball trivia (next one is Tue July 14th) and the other is general trivia (Thur July 23rd) they both have a $12 cash prize if we have at least 6 players. And prize will increase if we have over 12.

I draw everything, write everything… it’s a labor of love for sure. Same with the trivia games. You can also find us (me) on Instagram and twitter


Any new fake pinball news headlines? Haha

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Chuckwurt trades his Stranger Things LE for a NIB Getaway. #fakePinballNews


Chuckwurt trades his GOT premium for Monte Carlo. Film at 11… :smile: