Mustang (Stern 2014)

Talk about the newest car-themed pinball here! :smile:

While some people mercilessly hate on this game I think this is one of Stern’s underrated gems. The theme certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone but the layout and art are really well done and help the game shine. I also enjoy the rules involving getting to race against different cars with different music, but I feel they get repetitive after a while. Regardless, I feel it’s a good game, yet it could become less and less expensive as time goes on.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to share? Post here!

Sidenote: Best tip I can give players new to this game is to try and go for 6-ball Gear Shift Multiball. The Super Jackpot in this mode is 60 million points!


I have grown to … if not really “like” Mustang, at least not hate it. The modes are OK if not particularly interesting. The focus on the drops to advance multiball is cool, and difficult, which is great for competition. On the other side, Mustang Multiball makes it a terrible game for competition on location where you don’t have access to changing the settings. That aspect really irritates me, but I also just generally hate carryover features. It is hard for me to get excited about, but it is also better than Walking Dead, so there’s that.

This one has really grown on me as well. I played it at TPF last year and didn’t like it. However, since then I have played the pro quite a bit and I really like the rules and the fast layout. The theme does nothing for me, but it isn’t offensive either.

Potentially stupid question: does engaging tournament mode with the two flipper button press before starting change the carryover behavior?

Hold in left flipper for the super skill shot. It’s a tough loop pass/live catch on some mustangs, but if you can hit the side of the game while it’s coming down the left then you’ll have a good chance at a clean feed. From a trap, hit the A in gears when the lights below it are lit to advance two gears.

I usually start with drag race mode to get acquainted with the game…it’s also less risky to go for the drop targets during ball saver, as opposed to switching to drag race later in the game and not having the ball save to fall back on if you’re working towards drift.

Speaking of drift, I guess that’s my goal with the game though it ultimately takes more work. I’ll take the gear shift at 5 but I’m not focusing on the drop targets unless i’m close to a completion, it’s a required shot of the mode, or if there aren’t any cross playfield shots lit for anything (which can be often).

Don’t forget if you have the left ramp lit for an award, if you don’t like the award you can hit it again immediately to respin the creature cup.

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Can this be repeated with each ball (potentially getting you to sixth gear by ball 3) or is it a one time thing?

What I have heard is that you cannot progress past gear 4 with this move. It might give some other award, but I haven’t tested it yet.

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I played this one a lot more this weekend at our state tournament. I have to say it has made my want list for pins to pick up eventually.

Yes. At Gear 3 this award changes to +1 Gear. At Gear 4 or higher it changes to points.

I got crushed on Mustang by Chuck Webster, who played five multiballs! Gear 3, Gear 4, Gear 5, Burnout, and Mustang. I also learned something new (besides never to play against Chuck on Mustang again) – you can’t start the multiball in the same gear twice. After he played a Gear 3 multiball it did not light until his next Gear 4, then it made him get to Gear 5 for the third. Is this the right rule, or is it some other thing?

Was this game in tournament mode? How is Mustang Multiball handled in that situation? That rule makes this game super-irritating when playing competitively on location.

It was not in tournament mode. If a player picked Mustang, their opponent got to choose the order of play, so it could get a little dicey as a choice. I don’t find Mustang Multiball to be a game-breaking point value, but it clearly can make a difference in a close contest.

Does Mustang provide for a way to start tournament mode by holding in flipper buttons prior to pressing start on a multiplayer game?

Excellent question. We didn’t think of that.

I think most modern sterns have this option. I know Xmen and ACDC do. Hold the left flipper in until the countdown starts and then hit the start button. This is on by default on these games.

How do you light mystery ford at the left ramp? Is it after you complete a mode?

FF to 3:56:30 to hear Jack Benson talk about the game

Yes, completing a race lights Mystery Ford. It can’t be collected during Multiball or other modes because other ramp or orbit features take priority.

Note that the mystery awards available depends on the mode completed. The top row has “better” stuff than the bottom row of modes.

Looks like when acciari hits the left ramp for mystery ford that the cup didn’t cycle through awards, it just gave him the first one. Did he hold in a flipper to stop it from cycling? Were they automatic awards? (qualify burnout and +1 gear)

Not sure if it was a bug, but I have collected a mystery ford award during gear shift multiball after finishing a top row mode.