Music video: ROBB – GOLDMIND

A local band just released their new pinball themed music video, maybe one or two of you will recognize the main protagonists. Didn’t know the band before, but as it turns out I actually enjoy the music quite a bit.

Edit: The YouTube link shows up embedded in the preview, but not in the actual post. Is this a bug? The unlinkified link is

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I saw this earlier on FB. Who are the main protagonists? I didn’t recognize anyone. Kind of reminded me of this non-pinball themed video

Wow, interesting, there’s indeed a striking number of similarities. I wonder if that was intentional or just two people randomly coming up with similar ideas.

I didn’t mean “one or two of you might recognize them” as a sort of understatement, it literally won’t be much more than that, because they are local players from Austria. They are ranked pretty well, though, and do compete in some international tournaments from time to time, so someone might recognize them.

Everything you need to know about the video, its protagonists and the band behind the music video you can find right here :wink:

I did an interview with the singer of ROBB over at The Ball is Wild:

The DJ Mehdi song and music video is great, too. Didn’t know about it.

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