One color missing. I’ll stencil that on tomorrow.

This side turned out pretty well. Tomorrow is the head… :slight_smile:

Then, I’ll be working on the front door.


Which one is this one again? (I don’t know if I mentioned it already, but man, you’re one mad hard worker.)


Thanks! I am rather driven. :slight_smile:

The left side is a modified United Circus, and the right is a modified Beach Club.



More work, more work. Front was finished this morning!


Wired up the second playfield and dropped it in the reassembled game tonight - it worked first try! Very exciting.


Psst. Hey you - wanna see 138 bingos?

All the initial code is complete for the entire run of Bally, United, Williams and Keeney bingos produced in the US between 1951-1980.

Thank you all for following along and your kind words! I’m going to be streaming testing/playing on my Youtube channel.

Come play the game and say hello at the York show at the end of September. Very excited to see the public reaction!


I wrote a little piece for “This Week in Pinball” about the game and my experience with the Bingos here:

I am excited to say that at York, over 8000 ‘coins’ were played - that equates to roughly 400 games. I had many folks come up and discuss the game with me, learn to play, and win a prize.

Thank you to all who came out, and thank you all for following along. I have much more to do:

  1. Finish building up/testing additional playfields
  2. Write ‘coin flash’ animations accurately for each game - I’m well into the Bs at the moment, many more to go.
  3. Resync public code repository with my development version - there are 100s of bugfixes and improvements in the private repository that I need to push.
  4. Write and publish a manual, including Jones Plug layout.
  5. Install additional buttons(?) for button drawer. Undecided about this as space is at a premium.
  6. Write ‘card’ themed bingos - these were mostly novelty games, only one allowed for scoring replays. An additional 4 games to be added, but very simple.
  7. Write new games! I have many ideas for writing new games in the style of either modern or older games. I understand the portioning setup for each game now and can accurately make new games as a continuation of the older style.


But what was the payback? :wink:


This was the third annual “Bingo Row” at York - a bunch of collectors get together to bring a variety of machines.

For the third year running, I’ve brought along prizes for four or five in a row on any machine.

The prizes the first year were autographed copies of the two definitive bingo books by Jeffrey Lawton.
The next year, I had t-shirts illustrated by Ryan Claytor
This year, I had Ryan illustrate a design I use as the background on the Multi - and I had it printed on keychains using the same process used for playfield plastics.

Just a fun addition that keeps people trying until they understand the games enough to win. :slight_smile:


I made this one in the style of a bingo schematic, but noted each connector pin and modern power supply.

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