One color missing. I’ll stencil that on tomorrow.

This side turned out pretty well. Tomorrow is the head… :slight_smile:

Then, I’ll be working on the front door.


Which one is this one again? (I don’t know if I mentioned it already, but man, you’re one mad hard worker.)


Thanks! I am rather driven. :slight_smile:

The left side is a modified United Circus, and the right is a modified Beach Club.



More work, more work. Front was finished this morning!


Wired up the second playfield and dropped it in the reassembled game tonight - it worked first try! Very exciting.


Psst. Hey you - wanna see 138 bingos?

All the initial code is complete for the entire run of Bally, United, Williams and Keeney bingos produced in the US between 1951-1980.

Thank you all for following along and your kind words! I’m going to be streaming testing/playing on my Youtube channel.

Come play the game and say hello at the York show at the end of September. Very excited to see the public reaction!


I wrote a little piece for “This Week in Pinball” about the game and my experience with the Bingos here:

I am excited to say that at York, over 8000 ‘coins’ were played - that equates to roughly 400 games. I had many folks come up and discuss the game with me, learn to play, and win a prize.

Thank you to all who came out, and thank you all for following along. I have much more to do:

  1. Finish building up/testing additional playfields
  2. Write ‘coin flash’ animations accurately for each game - I’m well into the Bs at the moment, many more to go.
  3. Resync public code repository with my development version - there are 100s of bugfixes and improvements in the private repository that I need to push.
  4. Write and publish a manual, including Jones Plug layout.
  5. Install additional buttons(?) for button drawer. Undecided about this as space is at a premium.
  6. Write ‘card’ themed bingos - these were mostly novelty games, only one allowed for scoring replays. An additional 4 games to be added, but very simple.
  7. Write new games! I have many ideas for writing new games in the style of either modern or older games. I understand the portioning setup for each game now and can accurately make new games as a continuation of the older style.


But what was the payback? :wink:


This was the third annual “Bingo Row” at York - a bunch of collectors get together to bring a variety of machines.

For the third year running, I’ve brought along prizes for four or five in a row on any machine.

The prizes the first year were autographed copies of the two definitive bingo books by Jeffrey Lawton.
The next year, I had t-shirts illustrated by Ryan Claytor
This year, I had Ryan illustrate a design I use as the background on the Multi - and I had it printed on keychains using the same process used for playfield plastics.

Just a fun addition that keeps people trying until they understand the games enough to win. :slight_smile:


I made this one in the style of a bingo schematic, but noted each connector pin and modern power supply.

PCBA services


Another year has passed, almost! I’ve written the animations emulating all of the mechanical backbox movements for every game. The game is in yet another testing phase before this year’s York show, which should be extremely exciting, for a number of reasons:

  1. The Multi will be there with all 142 games, as usual - now fully animated - including rivet-by-rivet accurate coin flash animations.
  2. A great assortment of games brought by the bingo collecting community.
  3. A -new-, still in the unopened shipping box, strapped to the shipping pallet, Silver Sails, being brought by Dennis Dodel for a public unboxing! This is an historic event - how frequently do you get to see an unboxing of a game from 1962? So many questions will be answered. I’m looking forward to it.
  4. Another game should make an appearance that was first discovered on this very forum!
  5. I just got proofs back for the giveaways this year - beautiful posters/prints of the Bingo Row illustration by Ryan Claytor! These are limited edition prints and absolutely gorgeous. You still need to get a four or five in a row on any machine to take one of these home.

Stop by and say, “Hi”, and play or learn to play these beautiful, complex wonders from the EM era.

October 12th and 13th at the York fairgrounds! Tell 'em Bingo Row sent ya. :wink:


In the run-up to this year’s Bingo Row, I have finished the service manual for the Multi!

Some great information, adapted from the United manuals of the 1950s, is applicable to any pinball machine, and I thought it wise to add that info to my manual as well.

Jones plug documentation, as well as description of operation and parts list are listed here. Between this, the open source code, and the schematic, a prospective Multi-builder should have everything they need.

Happy to walk someone through it should they need assistance as well.