Mobile Camera Rig: Plans and Materials

very cool, let us know, i will queue up mine for upgrade after you do a beta test for us :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried the 720p feature yet but after 24 hours no issues with 1080p.


did they give you the release notes?

No, all I got was this:

We recommend you update to the latest firmware, the latest firmware fixed a few issues:

1, Output color space to fit Atem mini
2, Transmission stable improved
3, Output issue when frequently change the input resolution
4, 720p supported.

actually on the Facebook user group which they are very active in.


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thanks Neil, just upgraded my 3 pairs to v1.18, most were at 1.11 with one pair at 1.14.

Looking at the setting i saw most were on transmission setting HQ but one pair was on normal, i assume HQ is better? would normal be better if signal has issue connecting in large location/obstructions setting?

I keep meaning to have more of a play with that function but never remember! I think its all about latency, so to reduce latency you sacrafice picture quality.

yeah i tried yesterday since i was keeping so lost frame from streaming in another room, went to “normal” instead of “HQ” i am not sure i was able to notice a difference really? would need a better controlled environment testing.

If you can find a Raspberry Pi or have one laying around you can try the project I’ve been working on from time to time.

It’s not the most user friendly yet but I think it’s at least usable and not too much hassle to setup and get going.

@gammagoat helped a bit testing it but I think has moved on to RX/TX receivers. And I’m always open to making any improvements I can.

I can run as many rigs as I want since only the active cameras are chewing up bandwidth and there’s no USB load on the streaming PC.

So I finally caved and built a rolling rig based on Karl’s travel spec’d one but I made it out of 20 series (2040) pieces and it’s really solid. I tried 2020 but it was a bit wobbly so I figured the wider stuff might help and it totally did. I got all my parts off of Amazon.


what wheels are you using? I need to repace mine. Links appreciated.


got cheap one at home depot… i think they only have the one size that fit the pre-drilled holes.

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I’ve replaced all my wheels with these.

They will roll by themselves on hard floor if it’s not leveled but they’re easy to lock/unlock.


These are the same ones I bought with @dri 's recommendation. Exactly as described. Rolls on their own, easy to lock, and best of all: “cheap”.

I am looking at getting a better playfield cam. I currently have a CX-405 on the playfield and 2 GoPro clones (neither very impressive) for display and player cams. With a new cam I would make that the playfield cam, move the 405 to the display, and the better of the clones to be the player cam.

I have seen at least one pinball streamer use the Sony ZV-1 and came across the ZV-1F this weekend while poking around. I watched this video which does a great job comparing them, but not exactly in a way that I think is useful for pinball streaming. If you use a ZV-1, can you let me know what features are vital and if the F model also share them?

I think @hisokajp and @Frisbez use zv-1f and are happy as far as I know. Be aware that there are new zv-1, possibly denoted M2 or II. So be aware of which zv-1 you are looking at.

ZV 1F has no zoom fyi. If that matters to ya. I think that’s the major difference.

I did see a vid comparing the m2 to the original and the original seemed like the way to go, but neither were a bad choice IIRC.

Ohhh, I don’t know that I noticed that in the videos I saw. That would be a big deal. The F also has a wider field of view so unless it’s the proper zoom to the rig height, it wouldn’t be a good fit. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Yeah. Might be okay for a player cam though.

that’s where i use mine, works good enough :slight_smile:

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