Minutorials (Short videos for the competitor on the go)

Hey Everyone!

I think some of you tuned in for the NKY Pinball Open this past weekend and saw the minitorials I made with the help of a friend. Well I have uploaded the first 17 of them to YouTube and will continue to do so as I make more.

Plan is to make new ones for every game I use in my upcoming tournaments and keep the database growing. Feel free to grab these to use in your streams, or reference them when you need help in a tournament.



Wow, thank you now, and for the future!


@chuckwurt The mini-tutorials are awesome. The only thing I noticed on the stream was your voice was way lower in volume than the stream. I’m sure that is a difficult thing to balance.

It’s not. I made a mistake and didn’t realize what I was hearing in my headphones was not the same as what the stream was hearing and I thought it was plenty loud. The volume should be much better in the future, and should be plenty good in these YouTube videos. If you feel the audio is still too low in these YouTube videos, let me know and I can get that bumped as well going forward.


Up to 24, soon to be 25. Check ‘em out!


This is such a cool thing that you do for your tournaments. Great for players and stream viewers! The effort is much appreciated.