McWopkes Pairing

McWopkes Pairing

how does it work?

it’s strict swiss written by Marco Wopkes. I do have some more possibilities for game selection and pairings compared to matchplay

I figured it was pairing developed by someone named McWopkes-- I was close.

Do you have any examples or resources on who gets paired with who?

You mentioned game selection-- are you saying that McWopkes designates who picks machine as well as decides pairings?

I didn’t write it, so no. But it works similar as strict swiss from matchplay works.
In matchplay you can select f.e. designated machines which are most likely played in every round, McWopkes offers 3 different weightings.


my software is quite old in the meantime , but it is still working nicely.
I just checked, I created it ~2008…

I guess matchplay has more functions in most areas.

I think my software was introducing the Swiss System to pinball, but does not support entering /viewing results with mobiles.

For the pairing as such I am using strict Swiss Rules. So basically: The best ranked player plays against the next best player not played again.

The pinballs are automatically assigned by the software. The selection can be changed (e.g. in case of defects)
For pinball selection I have two algorithms. One with a cost function finding the most suitable pinball, based on several criteria (play duration, was the pin alredy played by one of the oponents, … ).
The other is more strict with brute force, but it allows to avoid the selection of neighboring pinball in small locations.


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