Matchplay Round Robin WCS Style settings?

I’m struggling with the settings

I’ve got 48 players and I’d like to run 3 Round Robin groups with 16 players each. Configurations are f.e.

Round Robin
First round pairing
Arena draws
WCS-style groups
Groups of 16

but when I start the tournament, there are only 3 rounds (one for each group) instead of 15 rounds times 3 groups?
How do I have to set this up?
Of course I could run 3 separate tournaments, but I’d like to use all arenas in all groups, so that there are as little as possible repetitions.


  • I suppose the distribuition into the 3 groups are based on seedings (1,6,7,12…/2,5,8,11…/3,4,9,10…), but is it possible to do it manually?
  • Where can I have a look at the 3 groups before I start the tournament?

Set your tournament seeding to “manual” and you can control precisely who goes into which group of 16. You can read more about Round Robin tournaments here:

A note on arena assignments in Round Robin tournaments from from that page:

In a round robin tournament, arenas are assigned for each round, and each arena will only be assigned once per round. It’s strongly encouraged to only have Match Play assign arenas for round robin tournaments if there are enough arenas to cover every game in each round. The amount of arenas needed is half the amount of players in the tournament, so for example, if there are 16 players, eight arenas are needed. If there are not enough arenas available, it’s best to leave this setting to “disabled” or “manual”. See arena assignments for more information.

In your case I would not have Match Play assign arenas. With 16 players in each group MP will not do a good job unless you have a boatload of machines available.

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so wcs-style each group is equal to a round? why? doesn’t make sense to me

It’s the simplest way to group matches together into logical units. There are no “rounds” in this tournament like there is in regular head to head match play. All games are created when the tournament starts and games can be played in any order.

in that case there are too many disadvantages for me. I’ll run 3 separate instead and take the disadvantage of more repetitions and separate games for each group