If I’m in the wrong place to make a suggestion, point me in the right direction.


Feature request: Allow users on to vote on their favorite player to win before each round is up.

In Vancouver we play 2 or 3 Strike tournaments. We display the round progress on a screen above the games. I’d love to be able to vote for my best guess to win in the next round and have it displayed on the upcoming/pending rounds. A simple +1 thumbs up. Your win loss prediction could be tracked on matchplay. Odd’s could also get calculated by comparing IFPA rank / rating vs players. An X could apply to your vote if you pick an underdog or favourite.

Is there anything out there like this at the moment?


Love your idea. It’s BTW.

Your best bet to push your suggestion through is below:

And you’ll like this—the best suggestions get more votes and therefore more attention by the developer. Let me know when you post your idea, and I’ll vote on it.


Andreas from Match Play here. These kinds of features where people are essentially voting for their favorite player are so easily used for bullying and general abuse that I won’t be adding them to Match Play.