Match Play Events: The Next Generation

No worries, we have done it that way for 8 years. Our league standings are actually wins, then points too which complicates the formula, as we feel winning is more important than the accumulation of points (much like NASCAR standings). It is no big deal to do it outside of the system.

We did the PinGolf and the software is great, so much better having everyone enter scores in system and not doing paper and manual entry on a spreadsheet anymore THANK YOU!!!

Would be nice if the big screen view showed the standings as •/+, and holes played instead of total score and holes played. That is more of what a leaderboard would look like in real golf. Another nice feature would be to add a cut line there so people knew where the playoff cutoff is (ours was top 12) but again all nice to haves. I also noticed there was not a broadcast view for the stream in PinGolf format and that would be a nice add to if you get the -/+ working. Have the ability to put your players in foursomes or threesomes so they can be displayed in the software, might be able to be achieved by having a starting hole for each player.

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really like the new broadcast screen!

You got it to work in OBS? Last I tried, you couldn’t select new games and change its state via a browser source in OBS.

No I’ve been using xsplit but I keep hitting a bug in xsplit that might mean I need to use OBS so will test that out this week.

We use OBS and it does work in regular match play but the broadcast view in PinGolf isn’t setup yet. It works very slick and a greater improvement for sure from the previous version.

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Great thanks. I’m gonna give it another go.

With Single Elimination Brackets, is it possible to set it to a best-of-x? It would be nice to enter results on a game by game basis.

Yes i agree with @Shaub, we just had our league playoff and we still had to do the games and wins per round on paper, it would be nice if there was an option for example, 16 player bracket best of 7 games per round or best of 5, etc

@Shaub @Sychie I think I can do this if you each convince 5 of your friends to switch to :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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What makes you think I even have 5 friends?


Are you going to make a hard cut off of the “old” version soon?

To be honest I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. I may end up doing it step by step like:

  • Put a banner on the old version pointing to the new version
  • Start deleting features from the old version
  • Close down the old version entirely

But like right now you can’t pay for a premium subscription on the new version. I definitely want to make sure that’s possible before shutting down the old version!

For regular tournament use there’s no reason not to make the switch. I haven’t made an update to the old version in almost three years and if it breaks it’s not coming back.


On the wish list would be a Survivor Ladder format.

For example in our league we start with 10 players, the 7,8,9,10 starts, they play a game, the winner move on the next round, then the bottom three play in a three player game, the winner advances to next round, then the two left play head to head, the winner advances and the loser is eliminated. The next grouping has the 6th seed and it continues in that format until the end. At the end we do a best of 3 finals in the head to head but that doesn’t need to be coded in necessarily.

Food for thought if you are looking to add more types of tournaments.

Keep up the great work!

I know there isn’t an option for more than 1 game per round but the Ladder Elimination Bracket seems like it should mostly do what you need, no? Just enter the winner of game 1 as 1st place, winner of game 2 as 2nd place, winner of game 3 as 3rd place and then 4th place is eliminated.

I would have to create each round as a tournament. In my case that is 7 rounds. It can be done and to have it look nice on stream I might do that but it is a bit of a pain.

If you’re using the existing software, I think you can still get away with doing this on a ladder as @Shaub suggested, but essentially each three-game stretch is a single game in MatchPlay.

7,8,9,10 play, winner is on to next round and marked as 1st
remaining three play, winner is on to next round and marked as 2nd
remaining two play, winner is on to next round and marked as 3rd
loser is marked as 4th and is eliminated

Next round starts with 6 Seed + remaining players


Hmm okay I will test it, I am primarily using next match play and didn’t really see the option to incorporate the format on first glance.

This is a workaround but it will still show the four players in the broadcast view, which is not what I really want.

The best option would be to create seven ladder tournaments:

7-10 seed - Tournament 1
6 seed - Tournament 2
5 seed - Tournament 3
4 seed Tournament 4
3 seed Tournament 5
2 seed Tournament 6
1 seed tournament 7
Head to Head best 3 - Tournament 8

A lot of work if I want to the broadcast to look the right way for the stream. If I wasn’t streaming then we could just use the @Shaub suggestion.