Match Play Events Open Thread


All over it :slight_smile:


I added a suggestion to the feedback forums.

Include more info on tournament player summary page All matches table

I can’t be the only one that has this problem with the summary page. I like using this page to review how my opponents and I did. When I’m looking at a player’s summary of how they did in all matches for a tournament it doesn’t show that player in the playing order with the opponents and it doesn’t show the results for the opponents, so I end up having to click/tap through several other pages to figure out how the opponents did in that game.

For example, if Andy played Beth, Chris and Diane and he finished 2nd, the summary page may list


Now if I click on Beth it goes to her summary page and for that game it may show


and shows Beth finishing 3rd. I still don’t know who won the game (Chris or Diane?) or if Andy or Beth was Player 1! Ugh!

Does anyone else get frustrated by this?

P.S. I do love and appreciate the Match Play Events software. Thanks Andreas! This is just my one frustration with it.


Would you rather just see the same type of box with results that you see on the “Matches” page?


Yes, show the results just like on the Matches page (player order, finish position), except it’s still useful to show the results of that player in a separate column in addition to that to quickly see how they did round by round. So for Andy’s summary something like

Left column:
Round 1
Iron Maiden

Middle column:
Andy 2nd
Beth 3rd
Chris 4th
Diane 1st

Right column:

It would be cool to make the “Round 1” a hyperlink to the Matches round 1 page, etc. because it always takes 2 page loads to get to any round other than the current/last round. (Load matches page, then select previous round from dropdown)



I just played in an IFPA tournament which used Matchplay for the main event, but it didn’t affect Matchplay ratings. Is this because of some setting the director chose?

(Federal Group Matchplay Pinball Tournament May 5th 2018)


@onetaste The tournament organizer is asked whether the submit their tournament to MP Ratings when they close the tournament. In this case the organizer didn’t check the checkbox.

If you think this is an error, ask the organizer to go to the tournament, re-open the tournament and close it again immediately. Then they’ll be presented with those checkboxes again. The tournament won’t be picked up until I rebuild the ratings though so don’t expect an immediate change!

Just last week I switched the default state of those checkboxes from default OFF to default ON so if the organizer forgets to toggle them, the tournament will be submitted to MP Ratings.


That’s a little thing but thank you for making that change!


Hi There, love this software, and i have a large event coming up with around 50 people. I would like to understand if its possible to draw from eras of machines (or length of play). Ideally i would like one modern, 1 90s and 1 70s-80s machine per round. Comp format is a 5 round matchplay with 3 games per round.

The way i read it is i can set up a bank of games - but this are groupings of machines. So say for arguements sake i put 3 machines in a bank (1 modern, 1 90s, 1 70s) then if you draw that bank twice, you draw the exact same 3 machines. This could be somewhat overcome by setting up a bank of 6 machines (2 modern, 2 90s 2 70s) - but what happens is you may draw 2 modern and 1 90s, so no 70s machine.

What i would like is to group them into 3 categories (lets call them eras), and draw 1 from each era, each round. That way, every player will play a machine from each ear, each round (more balanced, plus more time efficient), but it would be unlikely they would play the same combination of 3 in any given round as the software would randomly allocate from each era.

Is it possible to do this, and if so, how?


@Robm You have it exactly right. If you want to ensure one dmd/ss/em in each group you have to setup banks of machines.

The one alternative is to:

  • Start the round without assigning arenas
  • Go through each game one-by-one and draw an arena from a specific category (select from the dropdown)

That’ll work, but the balanced algorithm won’t be able to perform very well (better to use “random”) and it’s going to be a lot of clicking. 13 groups * 3 games = 39 games (and 5 clicks to select an arena so 195 clicks at the start of every round).

Using machine banks is the route I would go. You can swap out individual machines in the banks during the tournament without affecting previous rounds (in case a machine breaks down etc.)


This might be a really basic question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. In a Group Matchplay tournament, with Balanced play order, does the person selected as having the order choice come first in the list of players in


@Zzap you are 100% correct. The order the players are listed is the play order Match Play picked for the game. The vast majority of tournament organizers don’t have players pick playing order at that point. They just have people play in the order Match Play picked. It’s much faster that way :slight_smile:


yeah do what Andreas says - the less options you give people the smoother things move along, and you can always blame the software if someone asks why they had to go first a couple times in a row :slight_smile:


CAn someone explain the difference between swiss and tiered swiss? I understand swiss is basically putting poeple with similar win/loss records together (rather than overall points?) but don’t understand tiered swiss


Andreas has a pretty good primer here on the differences.

Regular Swiss matches up against your closest competitors each round, i.e.
…and so on

Tiered Swiss starts out with large pairings and gets progressively smaller as the event goes on, like Pinburgh.


anyone have guidance and which is best for what type of situations? I know in Swiss you can choose the initial round pairing (I usually use slaughter for our selfie league playoffs). When might Tiered Swiss be better?


Tiered swiss only makes sense when you have a lot of players. With smaller tournaments the tiers are so narrow that you might as well have played regular swiss. Tiered swiss is not as flexible (can’t have fewer than 16 players, must play a predetermined number of rounds) so don’t use it unless you have a reason to :slight_smile:


I am running a tournament in a couple of weeks using card based qualifying and just ran a simulation. I was able to enter the same arena multiple times on one card eg if someone wants to play GOT 4x on their card they can. Is this intentional?


@onetaste it’s a feature. Unless I have a very good reason I leave things flexible so TDs can run tournaments the way they want.


I personally wouldn’t want a tournament like that but who am I to decide :slight_smile:


OK - just having gone through the labourious process of setting up 150 banks of machines, is there the possibility of future updates being able to draw radndom machines from specific categories?

As my post a few above stated, i have an upcoming tournament of around 50 players - 5 round group matchplay with 3 games per round. This is a very common format in Australia. Often other tournament directors have spoken of a desire to have machines from all eras in each round, to both balance the competition, and speed up and even out the timing of tthe tournament (a draw of Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings and Simpsons Pinball Party is going to take a lot longer than Sinbad, Fireball and Joker Poker, plus will bias one way or the other to people who have better skills in one era of machine)

So to balance things out, i set up my 16 machines into 3 groups (5 x Modern, 6 x 90s and 5 x SS) - so to ensure there was an even mix of each of the eras and hopefully similar gametime for each group within a round, i set up 150 banks (5 x 6 x 5) which was all the possible combinations of machines from each of the 3 groups.

Wondering if it is possible to build this feature automatically into matchplay?

ie: under ‘Arena Draws’ have an option ‘Category balanced’ or somethign similar. Ther might need to be a need to ensure the number of categories is equal to the number of matches per round, or the user could specify ‘x’ number of machines from each category per round, and if the number of categories is less than the number of matches, it will randomly drop selection from the required number of categories. This would also mean the user needs to define the category for each machine - and maybe the categories could just be given numbers (that way people might want to categories into eras, length of play, areas of tournament location etc)