Match Play Events Open Thread


All over it :slight_smile:


I added a suggestion to the feedback forums.

Include more info on tournament player summary page All matches table

I can’t be the only one that has this problem with the summary page. I like using this page to review how my opponents and I did. When I’m looking at a player’s summary of how they did in all matches for a tournament it doesn’t show that player in the playing order with the opponents and it doesn’t show the results for the opponents, so I end up having to click/tap through several other pages to figure out how the opponents did in that game.

For example, if Andy played Beth, Chris and Diane and he finished 2nd, the summary page may list


Now if I click on Beth it goes to her summary page and for that game it may show


and shows Beth finishing 3rd. I still don’t know who won the game (Chris or Diane?) or if Andy or Beth was Player 1! Ugh!

Does anyone else get frustrated by this?

P.S. I do love and appreciate the Match Play Events software. Thanks Andreas! This is just my one frustration with it.


Would you rather just see the same type of box with results that you see on the “Matches” page?


Yes, show the results just like on the Matches page (player order, finish position), except it’s still useful to show the results of that player in a separate column in addition to that to quickly see how they did round by round. So for Andy’s summary something like

Left column:
Round 1
Iron Maiden

Middle column:
Andy 2nd
Beth 3rd
Chris 4th
Diane 1st

Right column:

It would be cool to make the “Round 1” a hyperlink to the Matches round 1 page, etc. because it always takes 2 page loads to get to any round other than the current/last round. (Load matches page, then select previous round from dropdown)