Match Play Events Open Thread


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I’ve seen the issue with the final results not matching the order of elimination in strikes tournaments before - I believe this is because the results are based on the number of wins and not the number of strikes or the order the strikes were received. It’s assumed that someone with more wins made it further in the tournament, but this may not be true if there were byes or strikes added manually.


The pairings for your round were as expected (as I expected anyway!). When using swiss pairings, groups are always created from the top down. In other words, the group three- or two-player group will always be placed at the end. So it makes total sense that it would be 5x/5x/8x in the first group.

I’m sorry for the inability to move players between groups. I forgot that in knockout tournaments there are legitimate reasons why a group may end up with only two players.

Send me a link to the dummy player and I’ll exclude those results from the ratings. Open your tournament on MP Live, click the dummy player’s name in the tournament standings and send me that URL at

@Law is correct about the tournament standings. While strikes are used to determine when a player is eliminated from the tournament, the number of wins determines the tournament standings. If you adjust strikes, you may have to move things around a bit before submitting to IFPA.


Thanks Andreas! Makes sense the way you’ve explained it.

I dropped you a note at the e-mail provided.


I exchanged notes with Andreas on this, but figured I would share on here with a link.

I’d like to see an option that allows for Swiss Pairing across the whole of the series. We run a multi-week league, and each round drawn is based on Swiss Pairing. Currently we run the multiple weeks in a single Tournament. With the introduction of MatchPlay Ratings, I would like to be able to submit the results after each league night. However, there’s no current option to do Swiss Pairing across the Series, so I need to either manually figure this out to make sure pairings are right, or wait to submit to MatchPlay Ratings until the completion of League which has a negative impact on the accuracy of the Glicko ratings because of shifted dates.


Thanks to @haugstrup for tipping me off to what the broadcast link was for. That will be great for my future tournament streams. Love Matchplay!


right now when you look at the IFPA results in matchplay they are formatted like this:

9,Mark Smith USA,32804
9,Daniel Robinson,
9,Nathan Shields,44272

For people that are new or I have not added their IFPA number to my matchplay account, can we delete the comma after their name? IFPA submission process has changed and it comes up with an error for people that have a comma, but no number after their name. Delete the comma and it is as it was before. So mark smith and Nathan Shields had no errors but Daniel R did.

I hope that makes sense.


Funny enough I just submitted my first event exporting the matchplay results to the new tournament manager and noticed the same problem this morning.


I’ll let you and @haugstrup fight over who changes what. Haha


That’s a @haugstrup and @Shep fight . . . there’s nothing I can possibly do to positively help with this besides break something :slight_smile:


Shep broke it, but I fixed it on my end. You can send me his next IFPA paycheck. :slight_smile:


We have a selfie league that has multiple TDs. It would be nice to have multiple accounts associated as TDs to a tournament, like in the way on NeverDrains you have multiple accounts tagged as Admins.

I found a similar request on UserVoice, so I’m posting it here to see if others are interested in the same.

Short-term solution is going to be changing my password and using my personal account as a shared login, but it would be nice to have “co-TD” designations like we do with allowing additional scorekeepers.


How much of the tournament organizing do you co-organizers need access to?


On my case. The ability to add or deactivate players, arenas, etc. and adjust points if needed. Also enter results, delete a round and rerun, close rounds. Basically everything but configuring the event.

In our case we have two arcade locations that are running two tournaments a month. The owner is running one location and me the other.

I will setup all the events in matchplay, he will take it from there at his location and me at mine.


In my case (regional selfie league that runs over a long period), I would just need them to have access to Scores so they can view and approve. The idea is that either one of us can jump in and approval scores when we had time.

The other items (players, arenas, tournament settings, etc.) are all gravy. Nice if it’s there, but not necessary in my particular case.


Could you just designate certain players as scorekeepers? I think then they’d be able to approve submission results for a selfie score.


i think he has that feature listed but it won’t work to approve selfie scores as is (we tested that a while back). That alone for scorekeepers would be a nice function


You know where to go to suggest new features @genex :wink:


Any plans to add a SCS bracket which integrates breaking ties? Thanks


I’d also like it to integrate game by game status of each match!


I haven’t read up on SCS rules. What ties needs to be broken?

This would be a fantastic idea for the feedback forums. The timeline is a little too tight for this time around.