Match Play Events Open Thread


I know of this issue, but so far I’ve been unable to reproduce it on my own machine. It’s really annoying. :frowning:

Just to make sure: You were using the regular tournament organizing section to record results, right? You were not using the special scorekeeper interface?


No idea what the special scorekeeper interface is, so I’m guessing ‘regular’ for me :slight_smile:


The secret hint was that this problem only occurs in group knockout tournaments. I have fixed the problem and you should be good to go in your next tournament!


I’ve been neglecting updates here for far too long. Here’s a short recap of what I’ve been adding to Match Play in the past couple of months:

  • Basic support for machine banks (more info in the next newsletter)
  • Much better IFPA number registration! You no longer have to have a matching email on the IFPA side of things. Just type in your number and you’re good to go. Type in someone else’s number and I will be very very disappointed.
  • Rotating player positions. E.g. for a group tournament with four games per round each player would play each position exactly once
  • For tournaments with manual arena assignment and suggested results enabled, players can now suggest which arena was played.
  • Delay public display of a round. Sometimes a TD needs a little extra time to check a new round before showing it to all the players. That’s now possible. You can create a round without displaying it publicly. When you’re ready, hit the “publish” button and it’ll be shown to the world.
  • Plus a number of minor bugfixes


ohhh nice I gotta try that :slight_smile: thanks for all the addition! I may ping you offline to get more details :wink:


Yay!!! :slight_smile: I just read this now but was deleting some people’s #s from my account since they couldn’t register for selfie league since they had played previous tournies and their # was in…


I was practicing with test tournaments the other night and tried to use the big board window on my tv. Came up fine, then it seemed there was an auto refresh bar that counted down. Cool cool. But when the auto refresh hit, the screen was just blank until I manually clicked the refresh button in the bottom left corner.

Am I doing something wrong?


They should add their number like so:

  • Login to MP
  • Go to MP Live
  • Click the little person icon in the top right
  • Go to “Player profile”
  • Follow the on screen prompts


It’s far more likely I’m doing something wrong. (I’ll look at it tonight)


And last night’s update are related to player suggested results:

  • Fixed a bug where players could in some cases submit multiple scores for a single player, totally messing up results.
  • Players can now see suggested results after submitting them. This should be better for catching mistakes before results are approved


I forgot to mention that the “IFPA results” tab wasn’t displaying things correctly with respect to tied positions.

Here were our results:

1,Jim Shird,68
2,Zach Sharpe,9
3,Jason Werdrick,26
3,Josh Sharpe,4
5,Mike Vinikour,3489
5,Don Bergstrom
7,Tim Smith CHI,15572
7,Bill Leitzke
7,Joseph Blasi,3339
7,Dan Garrett,1606
7,Joe Katz,3337
12,Dan Caschetto,3168
12,Brian Kita
12,Dan Glovier
12,Scott Johnson

The tie for 7th should be listed as “9”, and the tie for 12th should be listed as “13”.


What you meant to say is “Match Play are displaying ties correctly but IFPA won’t accept my ties as being correct” :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside: I’ll get those ties sorted out next time I touch the IFPA code (hopefully as part of making result submissions more automated!)


Who’s IFPA number is 1?


Keith Elwin is #1:

Fun fact: You only have to go to IFPA #8 to get your first suppressed player


10 WPPR’s to the first person that can . . . Name . . .That . . .Player! (insert wacky game show theme music) :slight_smile:


John Kosmal


Chris Newsom


I have “choosen” not to play this game. :wink:


Winner! :slight_smile:


In case Josh goes on vacation and doesn’t want to confirm these things. :smiley: