Match Play Events Open Thread

The big problem I have with the scorekeeper view is that once you’re in it, it’s impossible to navigate back to the TD or Live views. I have to keep opening new tabs to get back to the other pages after going to scorekeeper. Even just a home button somewhere on the scorekeeper pages would be great.

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The navigation in general is a bit of a mess. I’m finishing up a project right now and the next project is to create a giant site map for Match Play (and MP Live and MP Rating and whatever else). I don’t even have an overview of everything. The step after that is to attempt to design some global navigation so it’ll be harder to become lost. It’s a big project unfortunately. Match Play has grown very organically over the past 3 years :frowning:


Thanks so much for all you do!


Just curious if there are any thoughts / plans to implement some type of handicap system? For example, you can create an event and based on the players IFPA rank or some other factors they automatically get some type of advantage. I’m thinking some of our player base might be getting discouraged as the same players win event after event. Thanks

It’s nothing something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. What advantage would you like to provide?

The thread below discusses handicaps and leagues which i think might have some good ideas. I was more curious about tournaments with an advantage being an additional strike or starting off with more points etc. id have to do more research with my local player base to get more specifics. We ran an objective based pingolf event yesterday and the feedback was positive in regards to creating a more level playing field. Some of the less experienced players felt they could be more competitive since it wasnt just about who got the highest scores.

If you’re just looking to award more points or give more strikes to certain players the existing “adjust points” and “adjust strikes” feature will handle that for you. It can be used both to provide more to players or to take away.

Yea, i was looking for something dynamic. For example setup a strikes tournament but enable handicaps using some perimeters based on ranking or events played. Magically your software would take care of the rest. :grinning:

This doesn’t work in a lot of cases right now:

High score events - you can manually adjust scores before entry but without formal tracking of the actual vs adjusted scores that gets sketchy and people are using matchplay to avoid having to track things on paper or via other software. There’s also no way to adjust player points in the high score format even if you want to.

Series - Similar thing, no way to adjust points across the series.

It’s the “magic” part that’s difficult :slight_smile:


I haven’t heard feature requests for modifying points in a Best Game tournament until now. I suspect the fact that you can edit the game scores is good enough for everyone (except in cases with handicaps, but I don’t think anyone is actually doing handicaps in Best Game tournaments)

For tournament series the way to adjust points is the make the adjustment for the individual tournament not for the series as a whole

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Suggestion here, hasn’t gotten much traction:

The specific thing I’ve wanted to do in the past is add a floor at a specific number to avoid over-penalizing players for participating in well-attended meets of a league or series.

To clarify that a bit- with typical best game scoring starting at 100 and going down, assuming you have fewer than 70 or 100 players you’ll see a progression where “last place” score depends on the number of players participating. If we have 20 players participate one week and 30 the next, in a multi-week format “last place” goes from being 80 points to 70 (or whatever the format is set up for). This is a major disadvantage for players towards the bottom of the skill curve and disincentivizes participation in “well attended” meets if the scores are compared or aggregated across multiple meets.

To attempt to solve this in the past (outside of matchplay) we added a points floor based on the least-attended group/week. Can’t do that in matchplay right now, there’s no way to adjust the scores for the event or for the series.

That all makes sense. The work is quite involved unfortunately. If you’re using a linear scoring system (100, 99, 98 etc.) then I will suggest you switch to the “Top 25” (25, 24, 23 etc.) or “Top 30” (30, 29, 28 etc.) scoring. Picking something closer to the amount of players you typically have will even out the floor a bit.

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Match Play Handbook
Go to or expand the “person” icon in the top right and click “Handbook” (or click the “Documentation” link in the footer) and you’ll get to the new Match Play Handbook.

The handbook has a ton of documentation that was hidden or non-existent. I aim to keep the handbook updated with answers to common questions in the future so I can write more code and fewer emails.

If you don’t find an answer in the handbook please keep emailing me! That’s the only way for me to know what I should be adding to the handbook!


I saw someone had the Matchplay broadcast on their stream and it was oriented so that it was vertical instead of horizontal. How do I do that?

Any better ways to add it to my OBS stream outside of using window capture?

It was my stream you saw it on I believe

Mwelsh post

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And when doing this if you wanted to switch groups, could you simply go to the window that has the links to the other groups, click the one you want, and what you see in OBS will update?

I just have a button on my stream deck that opens to the broadcast website on match play. I then copy and paste to my stream.

If you use a Browser Source instead of a Window source in OBS, you can right click the source and press Interact. This brings up the page in a separate window where you can click links, etc. This may or may not be easier than using Window Capture depending on your preference!

Does the broadcast view not work for flip frenzies?