MarcoTV Pinball People interviews

Hey All,

I am new to posting on Tilt Forum, so I apologize if this type of post is not acceptable. We’ve been working with Marco Spec on creating video content highlighting people in the pinball community, starting with doing general interviews with fellow pinheads we meet at shows. Am I allowed to post these videos here? Would y’all be interested in viewing this content? Would anyone be willing to share their critiques on my content, so I can curate better videos in the future??

My main objective is to give voices to those that do awesome things in our pinball community, but don’t necessarily get chances to jump on the latest podcasts to speak their stories…

I would love to know if any of you find this content interesting and worthy!

Here is the link to our playlist from TPF2019.

(I shot 21 interviews, and we have been posting 1 interview every friday. We also plan to shoot more interviews at SFGE next month.)

I would greatly appreciate any input!!