Making my millions!!!

I stopped in a sports type bar/grill tonight for a night out with my wife-partner and I thought of something that would make millions…ha

An arcade sports bar. We have barcades…we have arcades… But what about a great restaurant with good drinks and a stand up arcade with lots of pinnies that played PAPA or ifpa or twitch!!!

That’s a free one…someone make one by me please!!!

Realistically I just need to convince one of the barcades here to start playing PAPA streams…I HAVE AN IDEA!!!

So … you’re looking for a Chuck E Cheese from the early 90s? With a bit more of a menu, I guess.

Well… kind of. If Chuck E Cheese played PAPA videos, Bowen Tutorials, Twitch streams, etc…and yeah MAYBE more of a menu…but it would have to have more of a sports bar layout…so…KIND OF

I’ve got a big TV in the room where my pins are at the local barcade. It is set up to play Wii, but almost no one ever does. Maybe I’ll try setting up some streaming on there and see what happens. Any suggestions? My first thought is PAPA tutorials are probably better bang for the buck, since there is a lot of downtime in tourneys and it’s hard to follow the action. I could do a looping playlist only of games that are at the location…

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That would be really cool. And then maybe drop some of the Pinball 101 or PAPA flipper skills tutorials between games…love it!!

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