Making all players feel welcome

Here is a not-very-political panel that took place at Pintastic 2023.

“Bringing Everyone to the Playfield: a sustainable, approachable future for the pinball community”
Check the website for updates about interesting and relevant seminars planned for the April 2024 show.
…David Marston


Will watch later, sounds great based on this ai summary:

In the YouTube video titled “Bringing Everyone to the Playfield,” Alyssa Alsheimer from the Kineticist team welcomes attendees to a panel discussion on making the pinball community more approachable and inclusive. The panel, consisting of various representatives from the pinball community, aims to discuss strategies for growing the community by involving new players and addressing barriers that hinder inclusivity. Topics range from initiating newcomers to pinball through tournaments, on-site locations, and being an ambassador, to engaging diverse communities, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and the role of virtual means. The speakers emphasize the importance of being friendly, approachable, and willing to share the pinball experience with newcomers. They discuss the significance of promoting inclusivity through social media and making events welcoming to diverse groups. Examples of success in engaging underrepresented communities include regular and reliable events, women’s tournaments, and initiatives for rural areas or individuals with economic and time limitations. The panel highlights the importance of competitive elements and approachable pricing as strategies for drawing new players into the pinball community. Virtual means, such as streaming tournaments and virtual pinball tables, are also discussed as significant opportunities for those unable to attend in-person events. For those designing the next generation of pinball games and organizing tournaments, the advice includes focusing on original ideas instead of Licensed themes, setting regular schedules, and being mindful of beginner players.