Main a street Mayhem! 2-Day Matchplay Tournament

Hey everyone!!! Do you like competitive pinball? What about casual pinball? How about playing with friends and new people? Would you like to play an amazing collection of 30+ pinball machines all in amazing condition including some pretty rare titles? How would you feel about winning some large cash prizes? Getting a custom tournament t-shirt and sticker designed by Double Danger Pinball? I think we have all of that and more for you at Main Street Mayhem, September 17th-18th, in Lafayette, IN!
Main Street Mayhem is a two day match play format tournament at Main Street Amusements. The tournament will be held on September 17th-18th, 2016. Entry fee is $75 per person and that price includes a custom designed t-shirt and sticker available only for tournament players. Tickets will be sold online. The tournament is limited to 64 players total. Every penny from your entry fee, after subtracting the cost of t-shirt, sticker, and ticketing service goes into the cash prize pool. Minimum we are looking at a $3200 prize pool with cash payouts to the top 4 players in each division. The Champion is looking at a $1200 payday! Coin drop will still be required for games, but Main Street Amusements has agreed to run a PayRange special pricing of $.50 per game, so at an absolute maximum you will spend $15 in coin drop over the two days for 30 games of pinball.
Tickets go on sale June 1st, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST @ WEBSITE FOR TOURNAMENT
Ghostbusters Premium
America’s Most Haunted
Rob Zombie Spookshow International
The Big Lebowski (pending delivery)
Spider-Man Vault Edition
Day 1: Qualifying 7 rounds. 4-player groups, 3 games per round. Pinburgh Scoring 3,2,1,0.
Day 2: Divisional Play (A, B, C, & D) 16 players per division. Finals 3 rounds, 3 games per round. Pinburgh Scoring 3,2,1,0 only top two players advance from each group to the winners bracket. Losers continue to play rounds for finishing positions.
Schedule* (subject to change)
9:00 AM Doors open check in and practice
10:00 AM Round 1
11:30 PM Round 2
1:00 PM Round 3
4:00 PM Round 4
5:30 PM Round 5
7:00 PM Round 6
8:30 PM Round 7
10:00 PM any necessary tie breakers to determine seeding
9:00 AM Doors open check in and practice
10:00 AM Round 1 of Division Finals
12:00 PM Round 2 of Division Finals
2:00 PM Round 3 of Division Finals
Awards Ceremony and Payout of Prize Money after finals conclusion
CASH PAYOUTS: (based on conservative estimate of $50 per player going into prize pot, it will likely be more than this due to lower cost on t-shirts/stickers than originally estimated)
A: 1st $1152 2nd $480 3rd $192 4th $96
B: 1st $480 2nd $200 3rd $80 4th $40
C: 1st $192 2nd $80 3rd $32 4th $16
D: 1st $96 2nd $40 3rd $16 4th $8
Games List* (subject to change)
Amigo (1974)
Avatar (LE – 2010)
Black Knight (1980)
Bobby Orr’s Power Play (1977)
Captain Fantastic (1976)
Creature From The Black Lagoon (1992)
Demolition Man (1994)
Eight Ball Deluxe (1981)
Family Guy (2008)
Funhouse (1990)
Game of Thrones Premium – (2016)
Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (1979)
Medieval Madness (1997)
Metallica Premium (2013)
Monopoly (2001)
Revenge From Mars (1999)
South Park (1999)
Space Shuttle (1984)
Spanish Eyes (1972)
Star Trek (Vengeance Premium – 2013)
Star Wars Episode I (1999)
Strikes and Spares (1978)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
The Getaway: High Speed II (1992)
The Walking Dead (Premium – 2014)
Theatre of Magic (1995)
Transformers (LE combo – 2011)
Tri Zone (1979)
Tron Legacy (LE – 2011)
Twilight Zone (1993)


Any good ideas for hotels nearby?

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Yes, Holiday Inn one block over the guys from Double Danger Pinball actually visited and stayed there last night. I’m going to try to see if we can get a block of rooms discounted, less than 5 minute walk.

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Looking forward to this event!


+1 for this event! Tommy is a great TD, and Main Street Amusements is world class. I’m strongly considering flying out from Texas…


I’ll be sure to bring a few people from Louisville, regional rivalry is the best.

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Sorry Tommy. Got a chance to see my favorite band in Red Rocks that same weekend so my wife and I won’t be able to make it. Next year for sure!

Sounds awesome, added calendar alert for June 1st!

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Thanks Scribble! Look forward to having you there! Only 2 days until ticket sales open up! #mainstreetmayhem

Custome stickers are in from Double Danger Pinball! Little guys for advertising the big guys are tournament player exclusive!

Tickets on sale tomorrow!


Ticket sales just went live! Several players already guaranteed their spots, join the #mayhem !


23 spots gone, 41 remaining get in while you still can.

Any word on the hotel?

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Hey sorry been out of town for he Northwest Show. Will get details when I return Tuesday!

Just a reminder that Main Street Mayhem Match Play Tournament is just over two months away! Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance! 64 Player limit. Over $3000 in prize money, your registration fee includes a t-shirt and sticker that are exclusive to tournament players! If you have any questions at all let me know or 574-596-2668.

Registration is half full get yours in ASAP!
Over 30 pinball machines in the tournament including some rare/special titles. Ghostbusters Premium, America’s Most Haunted, Rob Zombie Spookshow International, Spider-Man Vault Edition, and if it is delivered in time The Big Lebowski!


Thanks for such a fun event, the lack of ball save was humbling to say the least. I never realized how much I rely on that.

Thanks for coming and I hope it was a good time. Sorry I forget to check over here at Tilt often but I think it went great and we ended up raising a lot of money for the local no kill animal shelter so it was a great weekend!


I like the Black Sabbath winner creeping in the background in the second picture. How many folks did you end up with?


There were 32 exactly.

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That makes grouping so much easier! I love when you get a multiple that lends itself to the format so perfectly.