Maiden lock issue/question

Maiden pro

What rule prevents the left lock from giving a hard lock and making it virtual? Annoyed AF at myself for shooting it just to run the orbit SDTM during a huge ball. Seems to happen a good bit when a lot of stuff is going on and I really want that lock to resettle myself.

And to clarify, I realize it’s not a true hard lock, it’s more about the ball actually triggering the up post.

I think if you have your loop jackpots going and locks lit, the ball will not physically lock when shooting the left orbit so that you can still feed the upper right flipper.

Another possibility: if you lock a ball, then catch the released ball and shoot the lock again without any other switches in between, it may think it mis-fed the release and not lock the stickback.

I do this pretty regularly without an issue. It may be the loop rule but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them qualified and still activated the up post to stop the ball in the orbit.

Not just qualified, but running. If loops are just qualified it’ll lock like normal.

Gotcha. Not sure, will keep that in mind next time.