Magneto multiball question

Just set up my xmen pro. Sometimes I get 2 balls only for magneto mball and sometimes 4 balls. Is this something to do with how many balls were physically locked before mball starts? My trough switches seem to be working fine. Have newest code installed.

Yes, I believe it’s possible for 2-ball Magneto – though not preferred or advantageous.
See the rulesheet section on that multiball:

“Magneto Multiball
Activate a ball lock by hitting the upright targets to the right and left of Magneto. Lock a ball by shooting Phoenix, Rogue, or Magneto - whichever Lock indicator(s) are flashing. Lock 4 balls for Magneto Multiball. Alternatively, after locking the first ball, hit the captive lock ball 7 times to start a Magneto Multiball with the current number of locked balls (i.e. it is possible to start a two or three ball Magneto Multiball in this way). Starting Magneto a second time takes 9 hits to the captive lock.”


Does this mean you can’t get the second Magneto from the normal lock shots?

Well, I had no idea. Not sure why you would ever want to do this, but good info. Thanks Colin!

Ah ha. Thanks Colin. I was suspecting it was something to do with the captive ball hits.

Pretty sure though, last night, I had only 2 balls physically locked and started magneto with captive balls and the auto launch sent out 2 more balls. I know that my girlfriend had 2 ball magneto mball for sure and I had 4 ball magneto mball for sure but almost certain i had only 2 balls physically locked and 2 more came from the trough???

I think that’s the usual behavior. Mystery can award a lock, which can lead to starting Magneto MB with less than 4 balls locked. If less than 4 balls are locked, the others are auto plunged at the start of MB. CPU keeps track of locks and adds balls from trough as needed.

Ahh yes if mystery awards a locked ball then I can see how that would change things!