Made a video on being a better TD

There really isn’t a lot of comprehensive advice out there for people who want to get started being a TD. So I did my best to squeeze in a lot of knowledge into a 2-hour stream last night.

It will be up on Twitch for the next couple weeks before it disappears. But it could quickly reappear if people really like it.

I plan to do a couple more videos on navigating MatchPlay and walking through the IFPA rule book.

Please watch and offer feedback. And if you give me a follow, that would be awesome too.



Thank you!

You can “Highlight” the entire video on to ensure that it stays up.

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You can link your twitch account to YouTube too and upload to YT directly from twitch if you want. That will be easier to get more eyes on it.

Thanks for doing this!

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Nice @normaj! I sent it to two of my Directors. I can’t wait to watch it.

I think I saw the run time as 2 hours, is that correct? Again, I haven’t seen it yet, however I am wondering if it could be broken into 2-4 segments? I’m sure you provide a lot of information in that time span.

Thank you Norma for the time and work to put this together, and share with everyone. See you at FPF this year, I hope. Take care, FR

By popular demand, I have done this.

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Is it on YouTube? I was watching it in small segments and now it’s gone!

aw, bummer. when i saw the title i was all excited – this is EXACTLY what i need. I’m hoping to start hosting some tournaments in the near future. unfortunately, the link is dead. :frowning:

The link is not dead. Go to my Twitch channel and click on Videos. It has been perpetually saved as a Highlight.

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hooray! thanks!

Just recorded a “Part 2” (and final) now available on Twitch as a permanent Highlight at Enjoy! Send feedback to my e-mail address in my Twitch profile.