Lucky Hand

Lucky Hand set to 5 ball play is the worst game I have ever seen ever, and I’ve seen some stinkers.

Consider this… make sure you read them both carefully, especially 5-ball rules.

Normally on a Jacks to Open-type game, by the time you complete the Royal Flush you probably have 80K-100K points. On Lucky Hand 5-ball, that holds true, but if you haven’t figured it out from the score card yet, after you complete the Royal Flush, EVERY SINGLE DROP TARGET ON THE GAME SCORES FIFTY THOUSAND POINTS. What the actual fuck. In 2 targets, you’ve doubled your score. Apparently the game has a 900K light, and now I guess we know why.

There is no eyeroll image big enough for what I am feeling, though I guess this is close.

I was reading them side by side and saw that every drop will score “wow” I was like that’s a lot of extra balls. Very odd. Then I see the little note on the bottom saying wow is worth 50,000 points and said out loud what the f***. That’s the most pointless game at that point.

Who picked that fucking game?!?!? :wink:
Still can’t believe you chose any EM out of the games available.

I still vote High Hand is a far worse game. I somehow managed a 10 point ball, which was only my 3rd worst ball of the game.

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I take it this is at some event somewhere?

League night last night. Just trying to get the word out before it does wind up getting used.

That could be a topic of its own:

Best and worst games where you can have exactly a 10 point ball (without tilting).

We had one on Hardbody at our league night this week.