Louisville Arcade Expo


Spot on.

The correct strat IMO is multiball all day, jackpot in mutlball (only 1 available), then work on the drop target bank and its corresponding awards during multiball, or spinner to top saucer if the saucer is friendly.

You can go in the slot shot to the right of the submarine to spot the next available number for multiball and get another chance at a top saucer (points, safe return to right flipper, up-post) and avoid having to hit the 1-2-3 standups directly.


Doesn’t the slot shot also increase bonus x? I didn’t realize it spotted a standup target…that makes it much better to go for from the right flipper than what I was saying.


It only increases bonus x when it’s lit to do so via the second award from the drop target bank.

Note that it’s kind of a tight shot, so it’s not the easiest thing to hit repeatedly. It can, however, be backhanded as well as forehanded.


If they’re smart they also put big yellow rubbers on the posts on either side of the shot (the Pinburgh one is setup that way now.)


Another potential problem with this game is that the number of pre-qualified locks at the start of a game is reflexive. If no one has gotten the jackpot for a while, you will automatically start with 1 or 2 locks ready to go. This un-switch-off-able feature can only be defeated via disconnecting the battery, as far as I know.

If somebody has a modified ROM that fixes these problems, I’d love to get my hands on a copy.


Sorry for the delayed response, work and pinball haven’t left much time for the internet this week. I was referring to the PAPA Circuit Events thread, specifically:

I might have been a touch snarkier than I should have been in my response. Since it’s really a bit off topic for this thread, my post in the B/Novice thread might clarify my thoughts on the topic. Hope LAX is going well, I’m sad I couldn’t pull off the trip this year.


Also, don’t forget that the Jackpot shot has a fairly long grace period when you drain down to 1 ball out of MB, so don’t panic if you get down to one ball without getting your JP.


Thanks everyone. Now time for me to fail miserably at executing these great tips. Haha


Are standings live yet?




change www to results to save some server cycles: https://results.pbchallenge.net/td/#/lax2017/app/results


Did I seriously just get rickrolled?? :grimacing:



Oh wait, I just heard it on the jukebox out front


Stream is live.


Good luck to everyone else still in the tournament! I lost on a tough game of TWD in a playoff to get to the final four of B division. I’ll take it considering I only did 14 entries in main. Blows my mind the scores you A guys are getting consistently.

It was a great time all around again this year. So glad to meet some of you guys that I’ve talked to online.


Thank you to @PAPA_Doug and all the other PAPA staff for an amazing tournament! Love the new software!


My first time in A division and nerves got the best of me in finals. Regardless, it was a blast. Thanks to the PAPA crew for running a great tournament!


You’ll be back!


Who won B division?


Brad smith won, Matt peace took second