Louisville Arcade Expo

The Louisville Arcade Expo is coming up in 2 weeks!

March 3rd to March 5th in Louisville, KY. It’s the first stop on the PAPA Circuit, and the second best time next to Derby. Enjoy nearly all forms of video gaming, from arcade cabinets, to consoles, to retro computers. There will also be several indie game developers showing their creations, and a virtual reality setup that you can experience.

Pre-Registration ends tomorrow, and the hotel is almost sold out, but there are plenty of hotels nearby.

In addition to the Main tournament at the expo, there will be a classics bank, and a pingolf tournament on Sunday for those who weren’t able to qualify or lost in the early rounds. Qualification ends at 2pm and starts when Expo starts, Sunday morning.

If you get here before it starts, we’re having the first ever Pintucky tournament!

Wednesday night, at the hotel bar, swig some moonshine from a jug, grab a partner, and get ready for some split-flipper action!

Thursday night, the Zanzabar wants to show off their amazing collection of pinball machines and invite you to eat some excellent food from the chef that was recently featured on the Cooking Channel’s “Cheap Eats”. Join us for the Pre-Louisville Arcade Expo Tournament


Any idea when games will be announced for the tournament?

@PAPA_Doug, anything decided yet?

We are crowd sourcing some of the games, so I would not expect to be making an official lineup announcement.

Partial list is fine


Interesting logo … that you, Lee?

Yes sir bob

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We usually look at the game list on the drive up. Makes for good discussion on rules, strategies, etc. If @kdeangelo keeps the same url format, it will be neverdrains.com/lax2017

Gonna give it my all this year in Main and classics. Fingers crossed!

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Gonna be tougher this year with the earlier cut-off time(9:30 Sat). Extra tough if you make the Classics finals, then you may even miss out on the last few hours of qualifying for the main.

However, I absolutely love the idea of running the first round of main finals on Saturday @ 9:45, then starting back up at 10am on Sunday. Great idea by the organizers. It was always brutal in the past with the qualifying ending at midnight, finals starting at 8AM, and losing an hour of sleep with the time change.


Where is this Saturday 9:30 cut off and 9:45 first round of finals posted? I don’t see it anywhere.

I had to dig for it. In the Facebook page Papa Circuit at Louisville Arcade Expo

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Will this be an elimination round for qualifiers 9-24 with the top 8 qualifiers receiving a bye?

That is what it appears to be. Here is what I found on Facebook…

This event will feature both a ‘Main’ tournament as well as a ‘Classics’ tournament.

In the Main Tournament qualifying scores will be drawn from a player’s best attempts on five of the available machines. Each individual attempt on a machine will be weighted against all other attempts on that same machine and ranked on a scale of 0-100 points. This ranking system allows individual game scores from different eras of pinball to be compared directly with one another. Players are permitted as many attempts as they wish on each of the machines, but only their best attempt on five different machines will count toward their overall qualifying score.

Qualifying times:
Friday: 2 PM - 11:30 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 9:30 PM

Finals will be conducted PAPA style. 4 player groups playing three games, scores 4-2-1-0.

The top 24 players will qualify for Division A finals
Players ranked between 1 and 599 in the World Pinball Player Rankings are restricted to Division A.

The next 16 unrestricted players will qualify for ‘B’ Division.

The first round of playoffs for the Main division will start at 9:45 PM Saturday night. The final 3 rounds will start at 10 AM on Sunday.

In the classics division, competitors will be scored on their best four machines.

Players are permitted as many attempts as they wish on each of the machines, but only their best attempt on four different machines will count toward their overall qualifying score. There is no ‘B’ Division for Classics.

Qualifying times:
Friday: 2 PM - 11:30 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Top 16 players and any player tied for 16th place will qualify for classics finals. Classics finals start at 5:15 PM on Saturday and will be conducted as Pin-Golf finals.

$10 = 3 Tickets
$20 = 7 Tickets

Tickets are tournament specific and cannot be transferred or refunded.

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I managed to fiind this info too. Its not posted on the official lax fb page or ifpa listing or anywhere else I looked. Seems like there should be a little communication between sources with the primary event outlet and ifpa listing being the two top priorities. No more obx circle jerks. They instituted a rule requiring that a player have 6 games recorded by 6pm on Saturday and unaware of it I drove 15 hours to get hit with that. That little beauty of a rule was double deep in trouble because the rule doesn’t accomplish the intented purpose and it was mysteriously posted. It was not on the ifpa site which listed qualifying to 9pm on Saturday. I enjoyed the 30 hours of driving though. It gave me plenty of time to think about ever going back to that one. Lesson learned.

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This wasn’t the case last year, does this mean volunteers won’t be able to use their tournament entries for anything but the main tournament?

It’s run by the PAPA folks so you can rest assured it’ll be pro.

Nope. When you redeem your tournament credit you can pick which event and how many entries you would like for each.

What it means is people cannot give entries to other people. Nor can you transfer the tickets you bought for main over to classics.

It is the same thing we did last year.

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It’s five days before the event and you admitted you had to ‘dig’ on FB to find the rules. He’s right. If the rules can be posted on FB, no reason they can’t be copy and pasted to the IFPA or event website too.

Does any other sport do this (only post rules on FB)?

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So B-Div starts at 600, not even the 800 mentioned in the other thread. That’s sure to encourage participation from the more casual end of the spectrum. /s