Lots of Williams Indy chatter lately, here's more.

I was listening to The Pinball Podcast’s latest episode today and they went into the weeds about W-Indy, a pin that I happen to love. But listening to this, coupled with Steve Bowden’s tournament talk on C2C about said same game got me thinking.

When I play Indy, I just want to mode out. Gimme all the video modes, gimme Streets of Cairo, gimme Steal the Stones. That’s what makes it so super fun for me. Tournament play is always different and this strategy lies in the multiball / super jacks route. Yawn.

But that mode start saucer! I hate it. I mean, it’s no Hulk / Black Widow BS, but it certainly doesn’t like to stick 9 times out of 10. Even when you’ve dialed in a backhand shot, it’ll wriggle out. So my query to you lot is WHY WAS THIS NOT A SCOOP???
^^^Classic Williams with a SCOOP mode start instead of a bull shit saucer like MM and Indy.


If I was to guess, I’d say we have two possibilities.

  1. Lack of room. Scoops take up more room under the playfield, and depending on the layout you might not have the space for it.

  2. Cost savings. Scoops are more expensive than saucers.

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For the record, the papa mode start is dialed. I don’t think I’ve had it bounce out ever.

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Just looking at the IJ I currently have access to, space doesn’t appear to be the issue. Cost savings and geometry of the shot are my guesses. Or maybe just a preference by Mark Ritchie

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You are the luckiest person on Earth then. I get bounce outs nearly every shot. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Other people seem to have this problem a lot too though.

He’s just saying the one in the PAPA A bank had the shot dialed. It would almost never brick out.

Most IJ’s on location are going to brick out a solid amount of time. The PAPA guys just had the magic touch and got it dialed in for the tournament.

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Oooh, gotcha. Well I want to play that one then!

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Most IJ I’ve seen on location brick out from the right flipper but, the backhand seems to stick more often than not. The right ramp shot is nearly impossible on most location IJ’s I’ve played, especially from a cradle. Center drops get beat to death too.

Totally. Backhanding is how I usually approach it. Works much more often than it doesn’t.