LOTR Shire Cliffy issue

Quick question-- got the Shire Cliffy protector installed with my game. When I first put it on, I forgot to clean off the area with alcohol and a cotton swab. Eventually, the top left portion of the protector began sticking up a little after several plays.

I reinstalled it, this time cleaning the area throughly as I should’ve. Yet still the same issue. Should I just get a new protector and start over? Or is it supposed to slip under the left black guide rail (I thought I read that somewhere)?

Is there adhesive in that area? I’m guessing yes. If so, email Cliffy and ask him nicely to send you a strip of that ultra thin two way sticky tape. Remove the old adhesive and reinstall with the new.

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Thanks. How do I remove the old adhesive, though? Rub it off?

Use freeze spray. You can use regular compressed air in a can (Lowes, Ofiice Depot). Install nozzle tip, turn can upside down and spray the area briefly. Then quickly scrape the adhesive off with a credit card. Clean any residual adhesive with alcohol, let it dry and apply the new adhesive to the Cliffy.

While you’re cleaning the adhesive, clean the playfield area again with alcohol. Cliffy sometimes takes a while to reply (he has a day job), but be patient if needed and he’ll take care of you.

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I’ll be sure to get on it. Thank you.