Looking up IFPA numbers

I’m sure I can’t be the first to have this problem. But I’ve got two lists of people 80+ to submit to the IFPA - is there a simple way to look up their numbers. I saw the bulk search but it reorganises based on name or rank and I want to keep the order the same? I guess I could get an API key and code something up if there isn’t anything already created?


Did you use MatchPlay? It will automatically include their IFPA# if you used the profile associated between the player and IFPA#

sadly, not :smiley: (lesson learned! :))

IIRC, you don’t actually need to include the IFPA # even if the player is registered. When you review the results on the submission page, it’ll pull up the numbers automatically.

You may need to use an extra comma separator, so submit the results like:

1,Neil McRae, ,
2,Megan Sprague, ,


(Note: had to add extra space for Tilt formatting purposes! Should be two commas, no space.)


But any names identical to others in the IFPA database may be attributed incorrectly… IFPA number is a unique ID, name is not.

I don’t think any duplicate names are in there. They have their location or country in their name. Like Mark Smith - AUS and Mark Smith - USA

Yes Megan thanks figured that out ! Sorry for some reason I assumed I needed them!



Right, IFPA does not have duplicate names, but a name on it’s own is not unique. If “John Doe PA” shows up to my tournament, but signs in as “John Doe”, and I submit his results as “John Doe” without an IFPA number, then his result will be assigned to “John Doe”, and not “John Doe PA”.


Right, but that’s why you review your results before submitting them. If you know you have folks with a common name, it’s probably worth including their IFPA number, but it isn’t required most of the time.


I’m pretty sure IFPA number takes priority over everything else, it changes automatically the names in the review if they’re not matching

The main reason there are names in IFPA like Chris Warren AL is because at some point results were submitted and the wrong player was assigned the points. This can be for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is when it is a players very first event and they don’t have an IFPA number yet. If the TD dosen’t take the time to look up that players profile and see they’ve played 12 events in a state 1/2 across the country mistakes can happen. Even more confusing is when a player moves 1/2 way across the country and dosen’t tell you that!

My favorite version of this is having two players with the same first and last name who live in the same metro area and tend to play in a lot of the same tournaments :dizzy_face:

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Middle initial? Nickname (whether or not they had a nickname before :wink: ) ?

Clearly you have to murder one of them.


My wife has been watching Criminal Minds nonstop for the last 2 months. I’m sure she’d have some good suggestions. Feel free to PM…

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Funny outcome from the matching names. We have a player whose name was already taken when he started playing competitively - he decided to put in his middle initial so the points would go the right place rather than an AZ at the end or using the shortened version of his first name. And now everyone in the league calls him by his full name including the middle initial. No one uses his first name.

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Haha. Same here. Mark Smith is known everywhere as Mark Smith USA.