List of Pinball bars, arcades, businesses that may need our help

Please post here where our pinball community can assist others. Post your business, and any other assistance tips you think others can offer help right now. Any links to these places of businesses would be make it easier for people to find out more.

If you are able to help, please do.

The Silverball Saloon (East Rochester, NY):
Kickback Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA):
Logan Arcade Staff Relief Fund (Chicago, IL):
Wedgehead (Portland, OR): (sweet limited stock t-shirts available for purchase as well as stickers and koozies!)
Free Play Arcade (4 locations Dallas/Ft Worth, TX):
Outer Orbit (San Francisco):
Electric Bat Arcade (Tempe, AZ):
SS Billiards (Hopkins, MN):
Arcade Legacy (Cincinnati, OH):
Arkadium Retro Arcade (Sherwood Park, AB, Canada):
Level One Bar + Arcade (Columbus, OH):
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade (Portland, OR):
Cabin Fever (Toronto, ON, Canada):
Spinners (Frederick, MD):
Crabtowne USA (Glen Burnie, MD):
Holy Frijoles (Baltimore, MD):
Arcadia National Bar (Portland, ME):
Cactus Jack’s (Oklahoma City, OK): - closed until April 3rd
Lyman’s Tavern (Washington, DC):
Caffetto Coffee Shop (Minneapolis, MN): (while a coffeehouse, there’s 14 machines tucked away in the basement)
Abari Game Bar (Charlotte, NC): Also please follow their twitch, the owner will be raising money for the bartenders and streaming from inside the empty barcade.
BumperNets(Birmingham, AL):
Portal Pinball (Metro Atlanta, GA):
Buffalo Billiards(Austin TX):
AYCE Gogi (Van Nuys, CA):
Flip Flip, Ding Ding (Seattle, WA): (buy your future self a gift certificate to support FFDD in the present!)
Lynn’s Arcade (Monterey, CA): Also doing game rentals!
Jinx (Portland, OR):
No Quarter (Nashville, TN): (They were also hit by the Nashville tornado about a week before the Covid shutdown).
Pinballz Arcade (Austin, TX)
Closed until further notice.


Any help such as buying gift certificates would be greatly appreciated.

The Silverball Saloon (East Rochester, NY):
Kickback Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA):
Logan Arcade Staff Relief Fund (Chicago, IL):

PLEASE post more…thank you!

I just made the top post a wiki so that anyone can edit or add to this list


Thanks Greg!

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I’ve been adding to the wiki as I can, but I figured I should bump the thread to make sure people are seeing all these opportunities to support our community.

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Added a couple in my area (Maryland).

Also, One iPod One Pinball ( is doing a sort of charity stream event thing throughout next week, where the host and a small number of participants (less than 10, probably less than 5) will each represent their “home” location for bragging rights and to help raise money for those locations and the staff displaced by COVID-19. There’s a GoFundMe here as well:

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Crazy idea: for those owners/operators of pinball location businesses that have a personal relationship / level of trust with players in their local community… allow players to rent their pins for the duration of the forced shutdown of those businesses? Provides the businesses with ongoing cash, and provides the players with a pin to play at home while we’re all isolating.
I realize this idea is fraught with issues and hurdles, but I think it’s a pretty cool idea.


I’ve actually already seen a lot of those businesses doing this.

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Lloyd here from SS Billiards in Hopkins, MN

I’ve been open for over 47 years. I made it through the video game fad when it died. Huge income to no income. I made it through the mid 2000’s crisis, selling games to stay open. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ll get through this somehow.

And a lot of people contributed to the refresh Kris ran over six years ago for me.

So please help the places that are up against the wall for the first time. They really need it to get through intact and learn.

If you do this for me, will be all the help I need.

Thank you,
LTG : )


I added Lyman’s Tavern in DC. They’re looking into what they can set up online in the meantime. That place isn’t just a pinball bar, it’s a community center.


Quarterhorse in NC has already rented and plans to deliver their machines to locals 50-60$ a week, games like Metallica, and Monster Bash.

I added BumperNets in B’ham, Alabama. They have an online store for anything and everything related to Billiards, Table Tennis, Darts, etc. They need any business we can send their way. They are also a Stern dealer.

I want to thank everyone who bought a Kickback gift certificate. Like, seriously, deeply, thank you.

I added Portal Pinball in Atlanta, owned by Brian Broyles. He’s actually the one that showed us how to set up eGift Cards through Square!


@BuffaloATX do you need Brian Broyles contact info for help in How to set up e-gift cards for Buffalo Billiards?

If any Sanctum locals are in need of pinball in their life hit me up. I’ve got a triage of games in my basement I’m always overhauling and rotating in and out of Sanctum and would gladly loan out games to help people with their mental well being in this time. The worlds crazy right now and I know how overwhelming this is for a lot of people. Our weekly gatherings are more than just the games but we all need some moments of normalcy through this.


Lyman’s Tavern is selling merch here

Edit: gift cards now available!


Thanks Colin. As you know we use old fashioned paper GC’s still. So we are looking into a voucher system for merchandise and certificates that may be redeemed upon our reopening.
Thanks again for all of your support, both personally and professionally, it means a lot.

@pinwizj Maybe we should donate some or all of the IFPA dollar fees to locations or when things come back wave the fee for some time.

Ask the winners of those fees to donate. We kept none of it.


Can do anything The fees so far for this year? / when events startup again can’t change stuff?

What if for the rest of the year or more then 50% things are very cut down in size we can’t change the system for this year? Or to be fair in cases of jurisdictional differences in when things open up again, i.e. state X reopens before state Y.

Just giving ideas out.