Lighting advice for No Good Gofers

I’m going to be ordering an LED kit from Comet for my Gofers but was wondering if anybody has done their lighting upgrades and has suggestions for some additional tweaks for some extra light here and there.

Gofer’s feels like a darker game so I’m thinking about ordering a few brighter bulbs to try for things like the spotlights and some of the other GI.

I think they have spotlight kits that should help. Not sure if they are game specific or if just all the stuff you’ll need to add a few spotlights to the game.

But make sure to get at least 2 smd bulbs or possibly some even brighter bulbs for the GI. @ryanwanger can help you here too I’m sure.

Contact Frank Williamson. He is making a great alternative to pin stadiums at a fraction of the price.


Yeah, @chuckwurt is right. I’d add some spotlights to our Comet kit. Specifically, two or three sets of double spotlights. One for each slingshot and maybe another for further up on the playfield.

The GI bulbs that come with our kits are frosted 2SMDs which are pretty bright. Brighter bulbs exist, but they aren’t going to throw light far enough into the center of the playfield to overcome that darkness factor in 90s Bally/Williams games.

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Thanks. The spotlight kits look perfect since the middle playfield is pretty empty. I think I’ll start with the LED upgrades first and then see if I need to add something like the pinstadium style lighting.

I have a couple led strips I’ve been meaning to play with too as a possible magnetic solution that I can move from game to game but I’ll play around with that later.