Legends of Pin Golf goals

I’ve been thinking of these ideas for crazy things to do on games that you might never do in a tournament setting (or don’t have the skill to do regularly) and making those super difficult pin golf goals.

One version would be like doing the three way combo on Whirlwind which has an awesome fanfare though not an appropriate amount of point value. And it doesn’t say it that well I think on the display. So ones where it’s more obvious that you got it etc would probably best.

Any ideas of some other ones that might be a fun challenge?

But if you don’t do them, is there any partial value? Sounds like a hole-in-one-or-nothing proposition. Still might be fun, but in a non-pingolf format.

Haven’t actually thought it out fully but it comes up more when we’re playing games and think up ideas. But maybe games are just set to 5-ball and if you don’t get it in 5-balls you get a 6. I like goals based pin golf more since you can make people do dumb things like go for “x” # of Dead Ends on TZ

Bonus goal. Have it take an additional stroke away from your total or something if pulled off in your allotted number of balls.

I’ve run two pingolf events, both goal based. it was at a coin drop location where we don’t have keys. Getting the goal on ball 1 gave you a 1, getting on ball 2 you get a 2, ball 3 a 3, don’t accomplish: 4.

Whirlwind 3 way combo would be a fine goal for non-points pin golf.

Regarding @chuckwurt 's suggestion, I did that too. We had goals of Reflex Jackpot on Dr Dude, and Collect THING on Addams Family. If you raised the value of your Reflex Jackpot you got a -1 (maximum of two increases for -2). If you collected a Star with your THING collect you got -1 per star.

so for those holes, you could get either a -1, 0 or 1 on ball 1, 0/1/2 on ball 2, or 1/2/3 on ball 3.

Literally a pingolf goal we used at a tournament at Vitus in Oakland 7 years ago. I think Jonny O was the only person who actually achieved it.

Start Springfield Mystery Spot on TSPP. (or any of the other mini wiz modes) Starting SMS is time consuming, but very doable. Start There and Back on LOTR. An all mini wiz mode goals for a golf event could work.

Mega stacks could be cool. Stack a regular mode, Crazy Chris and Stewie MB on FGY. (or Shrek) You could also do light all the inserts in a row on a given game. Like the four inserts below the Liar’s Dice saucer on POTC. Jackpot, Liar’s Dice, EB and award flashing compass point.

For goals like this, you would probably want to close outlanes and decrease pitch somewhat. Opposite of normal tournament setup.

Makes more sense with none of the “50% of target gets a 7” or whatever stuff, just #balls +1. Okay.

How about kill 25 [or 50?] Martians for AFM or RFM?

[up to] 10-ball challenge: Lyman’s Lament on MB.

Starship Troopers: forget the orbits, start Klendathu.

OK, here’s one I like to call “Extra F@#!ing Ball”. On Metallica, with EB’s turned off, collect the EB for 10 million points.:sunglasses:


I had to go for Gold Rush Multiball on White Water in a golf tournament once.

how do you get that? that’s not the main MB right? I don’t even know what the name for the main MB is called

Shoot at the lower left kickout to collect all three items, then once more to start the MB.

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It’s a super-awkward shot to shoot intentionally and no one ever shoots it normally.

Some high Way Out of Control value on Party Zone is fun. Make sure it’s not 5M so you can’t shortcut it. :slight_smile:

Some of these sound like fantastic Speedrun goals!

does it actually say that when you get it?!

Deep cut? The items are shared with Bigfoot hotfoot, so collecting the items from the scoop gets you to the camera faster and collecting them in hotfoot means gold Rush will be lit at the scoop. Starting gold Rush resets item status.


Not quite. This 2-ball MB can be quite useful in the pursuit of a Vacation jackpot. What typically happens with a VJP game is you get close to your second (or third) regular MB, but you haven’t quite progressed your rafts to Wet Willies yet. So you can use this MB to progress rafts without the danger of accidentally starting regular MB. It’s absolutely a necessity if your locks are lit, and you need to hit the center shot to progress a raft, but doing so will start MB. So it’s not about the points at all, it’s about having two balls in play, and your regular locks put on “hold”. YMMV.