League XB ruling

This is mostly for @joe and anybody else familiar with the FSPA ruleset, which I assume is many of you. Interested in all opinions, though.

We have the plunge extra balls rule in our league and have another one of those situations where this rule complicates things. Let’s say something happens where you lose a ball and are awarded another ball on a new game to finish your game. If you get an extra ball on that new game, do you get to keep the points received on that plunge, or is the game over when the first ball ends?

If you are given another ball to play after your current game as a result of a malfunction, that new ball is treated exactly the same as if it were part of the original game.

So if you earn an extra ball during the ball you were awarded you would play it out as the normal rules would dictate.

But your forgetting this is FSPA rules.

You divide the players total combined score by 2. Then multiply by the square root of 17 and subtract 700. In the rare event that the result is a negative number, add pancakes.



I prefer waffles, but I guess settling for pancakes is fine as well :slight_smile:

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The intent of the rule is to “extend” the game… not necessarily swap one ball as a reward/exchange… it’s just the most consistent way to do it. So to me that says the game plays as the rest of the game has. If you earn a eb, you could play or plunge as dictated by your prior eb play.

No need to be complicated. Tho these are reasons why conciliation rewards are always messy. The rules used to more… “that’s pinball” and only after getting screwed twice in a game would you be offered a replay or dq the game.

Thanks guys. You confirmed what everyone other than me thinks. :grinning:

Also, now I want waffles.

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, @cayle came up with the bonus points rule and @joe bitches about it. :smirk:

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