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Our league has 6 nights in our regular season and then a final tournament. We have 24 players so would normally split 12 to A and 12 to B division. If we have players that won’t make the required amount of nights to play in finals how should divisions get split? For example, if 23 players quallify should we split 12 in A/11 in B or 11 in A and 12 in B?

Our leagues generally have more than 32 players available, so we always try to fill the “A” bracket first, and then set “B” with the remaining players, but if you have less than 32 players, you need to follow the IFPA 50% rule for finals (rounded down, I believe), so if you only have 23 players available, you can only have at most 11 in “A”. Rather than offer 5 Byes in that Scenario, I would just put the top 8 into “A” and everyone else (15 players) into the “B” bracket.

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What are the required amounts to play finals? If they came to 3 events you have to include them into the IFPA results regardless of your league rules. In that case do they get auto last?

This season you must play in 3, next season it will revert back to 4 as it determines seeding.

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Finals are matchplay so I don’t think we do byes, just a single 3 player group so 4-4-3 first round,

If there’s an odd/even split like you describe, we tend to push the extra person into the higher division because that makes the competition for playoff spots slightly harder in the higher division, which seems appropriate. Although from your latter comment, it sounds like 100% of participants advance to the playoffs?

Any player that plays in 3/6 regular season nights is qualified to play in the tournament which splits into A/B divisions. We had one player not qualify so I’m trying to figure out how divisions are supposed to get split.

Since they won’t get put into the IFPA results, just give them last and take 11 to A and 12 to B.

Bapa always does 8 for A and everyone else in B to allow for fluctuating playoff numbers. Nobody in A gets A bye, but both A and B divisions have a losers bracket, so you can claw your way back into contention after the first (match) loss.