league.papa.org sites all down

Our league site has been down since yesterday. I noticed all others are too. Anyone have a clue what is going on with the sites?


The Whois data was updated yesterday, probably some hosting SNAFU.

Doesn’t look like a “down” problem to me, DNS is failing to resolve. I bet the systems are up, just unreachable over hostname. for example just shows a generic page not found error.

The DNS entries were removed as @YeOldPinPlayer pointed out. If you add fspa.league.papa.org to your hosts file you’ll be able to access the site. Substitute with your own subdomain if you need to get access to your own league right now.


Nice, this worked for me. Thanks!

Seems like the issue is fixed.

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Sorry everyone. There was indeed a DNS problem. I don’t have access to the PAPA DNS, but @mhs and Kevin got it resolved soon after I notified them of the issue. Should be fixed now.