League and Tournament Rules Documents

This page is for the posting of rules documents for Leagues and Tournaments for the benefit of sharing with the community.


Free State Pinball Association [Washington DC/Baltimore area] - http://fspazone.org/complete-rules/
New England Pinball League [New England] - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/40ffa1_729d6d7917aa472cbeb7606b7da2f5df.pdf
Philly Pinball Club [Philadelphia, PA] - https://phillypinball.club/rules
Pinball Gallery [Malvern, PA] - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vjM9N3eFzRrDbwOXEDUHm-swGXUpJTPQJpz_MwdtW4c/edit
Pittsburgh Pinball League - http://pittsburghpinballleague.org/Rules.html

Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball League


PinFest 2019 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RvlZs4HDXxFNP_9kqWobKwvCmFBt4KiDDadRXeuqb_U/edit#heading=h.52qcta5xwtj2
TPF 2019 -
Wizards (Main) - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/texas-wizards-tournament/ (note that the Women’s Division Finals will be removed for 2020 – we’ve replaced it with the standalone Women’s match-play tournament)
Classics - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/classics-side-tournament/
Texas Takedown: Women’s Pinball Championship - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/womens-tournament-2/


I’m in a league where we’re considering tinkering with the format from what we’ve used the past few years. One of my goals is to also codify a proper rules document so I wanted to reach out to the community (and perhaps start a wiki document) that contains links that people are willing to share. I spoke with a handful of people at Pinburgh about their local scenes and what they like/don’t like and I’ve been doing my own research, but I am wondering if this would be a good avenue for collecting that information for the benefit of all.

I made it a Wiki so that anyone can contribute.


added NEPL rules

added TPF.
It was fun playing in a group together at Pinburgh, @coreyhulse