League and Tournament Rules Documents

This page is for the posting of rules documents for Leagues and Tournaments for the benefit of sharing with the community.


Free State Pinball Association [Washington DC/Baltimore area] - http://fspazone.org/complete-rules/
New England Pinball League [New England] - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/40ffa1_729d6d7917aa472cbeb7606b7da2f5df.pdf
Philly Pinball Club [Philadelphia, PA] - https://phillypinball.club/rules
Pinball Gallery [Malvern, PA] - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vjM9N3eFzRrDbwOXEDUHm-swGXUpJTPQJpz_MwdtW4c/edit
Pittsburgh Pinball League - http://pittsburghpinballleague.org/Rules.html

Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball League


PinFest 2019 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RvlZs4HDXxFNP_9kqWobKwvCmFBt4KiDDadRXeuqb_U/edit#heading=h.52qcta5xwtj2
TPF 2019 -
Wizards (Main) - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/texas-wizards-tournament/ (note that the Women’s Division Finals will be removed for 2020 – we’ve replaced it with the standalone Women’s match-play tournament)
Classics - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/classics-side-tournament/
Texas Takedown: Women’s Pinball Championship - https://texaspinball.com/tpf/tournaments/womens-tournament-2/


I’m in a league where we’re considering tinkering with the format from what we’ve used the past few years. One of my goals is to also codify a proper rules document so I wanted to reach out to the community (and perhaps start a wiki document) that contains links that people are willing to share. I spoke with a handful of people at Pinburgh about their local scenes and what they like/don’t like and I’ve been doing my own research, but I am wondering if this would be a good avenue for collecting that information for the benefit of all.

I made it a Wiki so that anyone can contribute.


added NEPL rules

added TPF.
It was fun playing in a group together at Pinburgh, @coreyhulse

This is a fun set of rules for a tournament happening tomorrow, December 23: (A Slamdown Festivus)


I think this is going to be a lot of fun… especially the Airing of the Grievances portion. Looking forward to it.


The Festivus Miracle Tiebreaker should be held on the first machine sidelined by the Airing of Grievances.

My post mortem for this event:

  • Get an assistant TD to remind you of schedule and to do things like:

    • Start Strength Trophy battle (started this late)
    • Ban 6 machines before ladder finals (I forgot to do this whoops)
  • Figure out a way to run things quicker (an assistant TD would probably help)

  • Do roll call before the beginning of Flipper Frenzy round

  • Consider making this non-IFPA to cut down on people and seriousness haha maybe (?)

  • Do not play in Flippper Frenzy round and take last seed for subsequent rounds (the FF will go smoother and newer players won’t be as confused)

If anyone wants to see the Airing of Grievances, that video is available now:


The Airing of Grievances poem toward JJPOTC was epic

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I had a great time at this event as expected. Jon is being a little hard on himself I think. It started a few minutes late, big deal. I do think a non IFPA event would allow for some more quirkiness that could add some extra entertainment to the event but I think it was fine as is too. The airing of the grievances was brilliant and yes, Dennis’s poem was a hands down winner.

I think this event was a success but I always look for ways to improve/change things up. I also ask / listen for feedback and some of the post mortem points are related to that. Overall everyone seemed to have a good time and want the event to return for 2020, so that’s a success in my book!