Launch Party/Single Game Qualifying Software or Excel Spreadsheet?

Does anyone have an Excel spreadsheet or a software solution to track scores during a Launch Party/Single Game Qualifying format? I use Brackelope for Elimination/Knockout tournaments and It Never Drains software for larger qualifying events, but for Single Game Qualifying I have always stuck to pen/paper and a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Essentially what I want to eliminate is the process of having to check a player’s score against their Best Score.

Ideal solution would be a spreadsheet to enter Registered Players, then a separate sheet that has a dropdown to select said Registered Player and enter their score. Excel would check the score against the Player’s Best Score and overwrite if it is higher.

Sounds simple enough, but I am no Excel whiz! Ultimate bonus points here if you have something that could be run through iOS like It Never Drains.

Even simpler: run a best-game tournament using MatchPlay!

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Echa beat me to my own shameless self promotion. I can still share a link on how to setup a Best Game tournament:

It’ll run on any laptop or tablet with a reasonable modern browser. And you get nice things like player queues and players can follow the standings on their phones


this is great! exactly what i was looking for. consider me a new subscriber. thanks guys!