Just one game played, most WPPRs

Hey all - I had a Bob Matthews / Adam Lefkoff moment recently and decided to look at how many points you could get from playing only one game in the recent Intergalactic Championship at 2016 replayfx.

It looks like 100 points, the maximum possible for one game in the format, in qualifying finished in 191st place, earning 1.94 WPPRs.



I have to possibly assume that previous PAPAs might have had higher one game WPPR possibilities, but will check later.

Anyone aware of higher one game WPPR possibilities? I follow the current ifpa rules that don’t require half of the games possible to qualify played for a player to have their score count for ifpa purposes, but acknowledge that change could affect things.

It also makes me sad that our ten week eight person pinball league in Columbia, MO USA has second place at 1.74 points, but that’s another story.

Do you mean one game played total, or one game in qualifying? Because according to this year’s Expo rules, you could play 1 game, win the B division and go on to win the A division :smiley:

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I think he meant one game total.

From my understanding, you can skip the qualifying portion entirely and just be placed at the beginning of bracket play.

Actually it’s even better than that. You can miss qualifying and Trent will randomly place you at the bottom. You can then win B . . . then win A :slight_smile:

I would say though you’d play the games in the b and a finals to earn those WPPRs, whereas I’m not just looking at playing one (or fewer) game in qualifying, but playing just one game total in the entire event.

Sorry if I was unclear - I guess I was paying more attention to work than I thought when I wrote this :smile:

At least 5.90 wpprs can be done. Erno Rotter got exactly 100 points on an entry in A at PAPA this year. If someone played a last minute ticket, had time for just one game, and got high score on it, they’d get 100 points.

Wait. Is this technically qualifying or technically seeding?

It’s a weird grey area, because while none of the B players are technically ‘eliminated’ from winning the tournament (which makes it seeding because NOBODY is eliminated after qualifying) . . . more than half of the field will be eliminated by the time the ‘B division’ plays out and whoever that B winner is enters the A bracket at the bottom.

In 2014, I got 13.80 points for playing one game of South Park in a side tournament: https://www.ifpapinball.com/tournaments/view.php?t=7490

For comparison, you needed to be within 2 points of the A Division finals to earn that many points at Pinburgh in 2016.

Which is a great illustration of why the WPPR system should always be evolving…it was terrible as recently as 2 years ago! :smile:



1 ball on TWD. 14.47 points.

LOL! That makes me feel good about our shift to v5.0 … Good lord.

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In my defense, it was a really good ball…


how many pts today? 1/3 of one meaningful game, 1.33% TGP * 8 base pts = 0.11 WPPR? :slight_smile:

0 points today … 1/3rd TGP in 2017, which would round to 0 :slight_smile: