Junkyard Pinball Wiki Rulesheet


I played a lot of Junkyard while doing my laundry today, and I think I’ll try to get good at it. This will require a rulesheet.

Stay tuned for updates, contributions are most welcome.


Skill Shots





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Brainwash, San Francisco. It’s kind of a tease, there are three tables but IMO only Junkyard is really playable.

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I’ve worked in walking distance from Brainwash ever since moving to SF and have never been there because so many people told me not to bother…

I went there solely to play pinball once and I probably won’t do that again. But if you’re doing laundry…

Brainwash Junkyard is $2 for 5 games, if you’re feeling extremely frugal.

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Since this game is in Pinball Arcade I would suggest starting there. Their instructions are very detailed and you can even view them without buying the full version of the table. Its worth having the app installed just for that (and to kill few minutes standing in line or in a waiting room).

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Anyone have a list of scoring bugs on this game?

As long as you have the tournament ROM, you should be ok.

Dave starts this ball at 257,150. Scores 676,300 in video mode. (Plus other stuff) and his score shows 602,400. Scores 255,000 in bonus and then goes up to 857,400. So… where did those video mode points go?

Which ROM?

I don’t have permission to power cycle the game, and i’m not there. Are there known scoring issues in certain roms?

I don’t know the exact details, but certain versions did have known issues for sure and I believe some were scoring related.

@soren is the most likely to know what they are.

This one got me curious.

You can tell it is not the rev 2.0 ROM. As one of the changes from the rev 1.2 (latest Willy rev) was that I pulled out video modes from the Magic Bus award short list entirely.

And this also tells the machine in question is likely running the rev 1.1. It does not award the Run from spike points. So it goes. Please forward a kind word to the owner with suggestion to upgrade.

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